The Soulsborne thread!


On other characters, yeah. Does more damage, but has less bleed.


I meant when you could stack carthus rouge + bleed infusion. Was like a guaranteed bleed on L2


Oh, no. I started after that was patched out. But it’s almost guaranteed when you’re using it 2-handed anyways. 2-3 hits does it for most things.


It was bonkers back then. Carthus CS was broken as fuuuuuck


That’s still a real strong weapon. Not exactly broken, though.


Yeah but it used to be the best weapon hands down.


Weird confession perhaps, but the most fun I had with my bleed build PvE wise was in the profaned capital. Those ugly fucks giant hands are extremely weak to bleed, and pretty much every weapon I had bled them.

The Warden winblades were amazing as well, every L1 bled them. Shit’s glorious


At first I didn’t.know what you meant lol. I do normally hate fighting those since they get annoyingly tanky after NG starts and they also have loads of health.

Didn’t know they were that weak to bleed, though.


In the playthroughs I do need to kill them, or I feel like it, I usually just pick a weapon with inate bleed, slap rouge on it, and go to town. Don’t need upgrades when every 2-3 hits bleed :joy:


I miss the bleed from DS1. Bandit knife op.



How was that different from 3?


Bandit knife took a huge nerf for 2 and 3. Less damage over all and lower crit.

Dark Souls 1 bandit knife has the highest crit in the game outside of DLC. And its a starting weapon! 147 crit, only bested by the Silver Tracer.


Said you missed bleed tho. I knew that weapon was nerfed. Didn’t know if bleed had changed over the years, though.

But fair warning, From might have rebalanced a few things in the remake. Don’t expect too much out of some of the old meta.


Seeing as to how they removed useful bugs and glitches, but kept the broken bits, it can go either way: either they nerfed the bandit knife in the spirit of the former, or they kept it the same in the spirit of the latter

I’m very cautious about getting the remaster. I really wanted it to be great, but everything I’ve seen so far… ugh.


What have you seen that makes it look bad?

Far as i know, it’s just a remake with a small bug squashing pass.


this covers a fair chunk of it


Ok, there’s a whole list of things he mentioned that he just assumes are in the game even though he didn’t see them a single time.


Still, the fact that ‘useful glitches’ (normal dupe glitches) are gone, while stuff like chain backstabbing and reverse rolls are still in/back makes that one thing I was going to get the remaster for worse: PvP. The dupe glitch would’ve made leveling and building chars a breeze, while not having an impact on the PvP at all.

Now, it seems building a char is gonna be bit more of a pain, while the PvP is worse than what old DS1 is currently


A lot of people were mad at the original announcement because they assumed From would change the combat to be exactly like 3, now people are mad they didn’t change it at all.

As far as chain backstabbing and shit goes, I never experienced that stuff. That’s more of a testament to my inexperience than anything, but it was a “feature” of the original game’s combat. Things like duplicating were outright cheating, while the backstabs were a thing that influence combat and thus were not changed.

As far as the quality of the remaster goes, it’s not badly done. In fact, it’s pretty good, all things considered, as far as I can see. Looks better, runs better, has options people used to have to mod for.

It literally is a graphical upgrade with fixed bugs, and nothing else. That is quite literally what people asked for. Some bugs were missed, sure, but mostly it looks good.

Though I suppose people can find a reason to be mad at anything.

Also, he made a reference to Skyrim remastered and the Halo remaster.

Skyrim was less of an upgrade than DSR is, and only made it harder to mod. Console mods were cool, but tbh that has nothing to do with a remaster. They could have done that retroactively. The only plus there was because it was free. It was only free because it was a zero sum change. A remaster of a fairly recent game is worth jack shit.

The Halo remaster is so good because that game was released in 2001, while the DS game was released in 2011. There is a massive difference between those jumps in upgrades because there was a decade between the original releases. It’s not even a fair comparison because no shit the Halo remaster is going to be staggering. The original was like 16 years old when it got remastered.


I should also note that DS1 is only being removed from the Steam Store. It will still stay in your library, they aren’t just deleting all of it from existence.