The Soulsborne thread!


Fun fact, hypermode failed time after time, respecced to this and did it in one go. You can see my doubt at the beginning given my estus was stil allotted wrongly lol


You should share your build for hypermode. I have no idea what would be best for that. (That said, I won’t copy it exactly. I will always do it my own way, I just dunno what it would even be)


And here we go, Midir

(Quite a horrible fight, but oh well, it’s getting late in the evening and I want to sleep lol)

As for a hypermode build, mine’s level 387 (meme from the old days lol), but you can do perfectly fine lower. A SL150 starting as Deprived should easily be enough.

  • Get into hypermode range. At 14 Vigor, two times the full weaponart of the flail will bring you there (embered and unembered). Other methods include the Bloodlust weaponart (sudoku), and spamming the mimic head) If you’re not sure, cast Tears of Denial first to safeguard against a suicide.
  • Cast Tears of denial with any chime or talisman, followed by Sacred Oath (best to do this last, ToD last until hit but Oath has a timer)
  • Main hand has your weapon/catalyst, offhand has a morion blade (Morion doesn’t need upgrades)
  • Equip Red tearstone ring, and whatever damage boosting and clutch rings fit your damage type (Young and Bellowing dragon+magic clutch, great swamp and witch’s+fire clutch, morne’s and sun’s firstborn+lighting clutch, etc)
  • Any additional gear (crown of dusk for sorcery, blindfold mask for dark damage)

Now, depending on stats, your catalyst changes. Generally:

  • Lightning damage: 99 Faith, Yorshka’s chime
  • Magic damage: 99 intelligence, Court Sorcerer’s staff OR 99 faith, Archdeacon’s great staff
  • Fire damage: equal amounts of Faith and Intelligence, always the basic pyro flame UNLESS you’re going to spam black flame, in which case the parting flame
  • Dark damage: equal amounts of Faith and Intelligence, Izalith staff for dark sorceries, sunless talisman for dark miracles, and pyroflames for dark pyromancies

Best spells for each damage type:

  • Lightning: sunlight spear, easily. At point blank range it does the most damage. If you’re using this, make sure to use the full flail weaponart at least once (it gives you a sizable damage boost on all miracles for 2 minutes)
  • Magic: crystal soul spear. IIRC Soul stream does more damage, but good luck trying to pull that off lol
  • Fire: I said it before, but seething chaos against very slow targets (make sure to not hit the target with them), Great Chaos fire orb against slow enemies, and chaos bed vestiges against fast ones. Generally for bosses, CBV is your best choice.
  • Dark: great soul dreg. Though, I’ve heard good stories about affinity as well; if you’re going to use that, make sure to swap to a morion blade in your main hand as well before the orbs are triggered. (Yes, this further boosts the damage; same thing works for seething chaos if you swap to a second before it goes off)


God damn. Like 1300 damage with the weapon art, at whatever NG you’re on. That’s scary.

Also, thank you very much. Think Imma respec one of my higher level characters to something like that. Maybe more than 14 vigor, though. I’m kind of not actually good at the game lol.


Huh. You can kill Rosaria. Did not know that

Also. Hoooo boy. I forgot how bad I was at the midir fight.


Less than a month away from the remaster, when suddenly:

200 hours in, and this is the first time seeing these cute lil things :heart_eyes_cat:


The fuck are those?



That’s gross, but pretty cool.


I think I want to do a bow-only run of dark souls 3. That would be funny, and really damn hard.


Only problem is having enough arrows to kill bosses. Recommend you take a short bow since you can roll and fire off an arrow


Good luck with the ancient Wyvern mate, with my Pyro-only build and dusk crown ring that was already a major PITA, can’t imagine how it’ll be with a bow only :joy:


Or Midir lol


Yeah, I was doing experiments last night, seeing how non-bosses reacted to bows. If the knights are anything to go by, this run is gonna fucking suck.

Didn’t really know bows were that bad before now.


For certain bosses cough nameless king cough it completely trivializes them.

For bosses like pontiff…


Pretty much what I’m thinking. Gundyr is probably worse than pontiff in that regard.

I guess a big part of my problem is being on NG+5, going into 6. Might work on 1 or 2. But this is just kind of ridiculous.


Probably best for NG +1 since you’ll have a fully upgraded bow and a bunch of the extra arrows and maybe a great bow for the slower bosses


That’s what I was thinking.

Though that reminds me, I need to keep leveling my luck-based character. She is a supreme badass.


God, these weapons are so good. So much bleed. So much death.


Did you get a chance to try em when you could stack carthus rouge on them?