The Soulsborne thread!


I spent like 8 hours killing Midir lol


That’s way too much. I would have already decided it wasn’t worth it.


Thats cause ur weak mocking laughter


Ok. I also don’t wanna waste 10 hours on a single boss.


Then just git gud and kill it earlier




I can just not kill midir without weapons because he is an unnecessarily tanky hoe.


Just hit his stupid face a bunch and then riposte the last third of his health


Can you even riposte him?




Huh. Never done that. I always either wail on his legs until he dies, or kill him with magic.


Hitting the head is easier imo just can’t lock on


He is the only boss I never lock onto without magic. With magic, I lock everything. It’s just easier.


Want me to run to Midir real quick and show how I fight him? :stuck_out_tongue:


“Real quick” Boi.

But sure. I still have trouble with him.


Sure, Friede and Demon Prince should go down easy, so it’s a quick run :joy:


Friede, yes. Demon Prince is annoying, though. Without black knight weapons, he is hard to riposte in phase 2.


Right, Friede is done, onto the Demon Princes


Yeah. I know Friede is easy. With a heavy weapon, I can do the first 2 phases in 3 minutes. The 3rd in about 2. Dark infused Great Mace ftw.

I know yours is way faster, I was just saying.


@TrickshotMcgee @IWannaBeATiger @LordDerp I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.


Just sharing DS3 experiences.