The Soulsborne thread!


A lot of people beat their heads against the wall against him which is why I considered him.

No bully

Sidenote: Pontiff got like 1000% easier after I just started parrying the initial and using a shield.


Fine, have some Pontiff bully instead then:


You can actually one shot him with the right build depending on the new game cycle.


That’s NG+3, with a level 387 char :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought your health looked a little high but yeah if you go for glass cannon build you can do it a lot lower if you use Yhorms axe.


Yeah, it’s very doable in regular NG:

I was just curious if I could still pull it off in NG+3. Seems I can’t, even with a 2000+ AR hornet ring reposte. Oh well :man_shrugging:

Now, onto Gundyr


No bully D=


I can’t parry :smiley:


I’ve done it with Pontif only a few times, that there was my first parry attempt with that char. So a bit of luck was involved lol

I’m wondering what to do with Gundyr though… he’s been through so much, I think I’ll just parry him to death, see how quick of a kill I can get :thinking:


I can parry in bloodborne. I came out of the womb playing zelda, so I can perfect block damn near anything. Can even perfect block using the 2-handed door shield

But God damn it, dark souls. Why does your parry system have to be so odd?


Quick video while I’m working on Gundyr


Jesus christ. I’ve killed him fast, but never like that. My fastest run was at like level 220 with 60 dex/luck + bleed Warden Twinblades. And I took 2 hits. It was under 2 minutes, but not THAT short. You spent more time with prep than actually killing it.


Could’ve been quicker if I were at point blank, and if I’d realised you needed to skip is dialogue to get him to transform.

Oh well, going to be rushing to NG+7 these next few days, gonna do a meme run once I’m there. Any suggestions on how to beat a boss a certain way, bring them ^^


There we go @IWannaBeATiger, just for you:

NG+3, no HUD, no rings, no armour, parries only, unupgraded weapon and shield, flawless

Why the firelink greatsword? Because what’s better than reminding Gundyr about how he never got to link the fire?


No bully D=


Extra bully cause he was a son of a whore on my first run that I played completely solo (no summons).

I need to learn to parry.


Mind you, that wasn’t a first try

According to all my footage, this was try #23 :joy:


My first run ever, he killed me 6 times. The only two who killed me more were Nameless King and The Twin Princesses.

NK got me over a dozen times before I decided I didn’t care that much.


Funny enough, in this run, I died to Ballsack McCurseTree enough times I just gave up. Far too many small but constant damage sources to keep up hypermode :unamused:


Yeah, that’s not a hard boss until you try to do a goofy run. At that point, it gets really annoying.

I think my next run is gonna be barefisted. First try doing that

Christ, barefisted Yhorm is gonna take hours. I will probably overlevel by fuckin miles.