The Soulsborne thread!


Oh, I beat her yesterday. Took me like 6 tries.


recently started playing Bloodborne again. Damn did I forget how much I love that game. Started an arcane build. Horrible way to start the game with, but with a bit of grinding and knowledge it’s manageable lol


I wanted to do one of those builds. But I could never find the Tools to do it with.


Bruh. I’ve not played BB in like 2 months, then I come back on the One Reborn fight and I keep mixing buttons up with Warframe and Dark Souls.

This game was hard enough when I was just bad at it, now it sucks worse because I can’t even remember the buttons.


I had to readjust as well heh, tried to twohand a weapon and healed, tried to zoom in and bloodtapped :joy:


Yup. Exactly the same. I’ve been using Ludwig’s Holy Blade and it’s crazy… but it took forever to remember how to swap modes on that thing so I wasted bullets, health, consumables. And a lot of time looking for one button.


Welp, didn’t really feel like fighting Ludwig on my own (just wanted to get it done quick), so summon it is.

And damn that was one powerful summon

Pizzacutter, I’m guessing fully gemmed… fight took less than a minute :joy:


Every time I start a new character, I have trouble remembering that I don’t need like 200k souls to level up anymore. The 15k-ish I get from clearing an area + a boss is waaaay more than enough.


I had the exact opposite with my Arcane build in BB

By the time I had killed Vicar Amelia I was like ‘wtf, why can’t I level up this is like, the second required boss’.

Then I remembered I did everything that could be done before Amelia; I’d killed BSB, Paarl, Witches, ran the first three chalices, and farmed a fucktonne for decent fire gems in the third calice.

I was level 80 by the time i fought her :joy:


I will probably be joining you guys soon thanks to Sony putting Bloodborne on their PS Plus free games lineup.


Couple spoiler-free tips for your first run:

The blunderbuss is one of the better “parrying” guns. Has a wide range, as opposed to the pistol. Though it doesn’t have the same reach, it is better for stunning enemies closer to you (which is the only place it counts).

The Saw Cleaver does extra damage to “beast” enemies, and that includes bosses. It’s a solid starter. But so is the cane, which has the best reach of the starter weapons, if I recall.

Aaaand armor means nothing in BB. It’s all just fashion. Looking good covered in blood. (Obviously, it does help some, not it’s nowhere near as important as Dark Souls)

Other than that, all I got for you is just telling you not to rush. Take it slow and pay attention to everything. Ya find some neat stuff that way.


If ever you need help, feel free to @ me; I am of the opinion that every person that enjoys the games needs to do at least a single playthrough without summoning; combining that with your first playthrough tends to turn people away however >.>

some more tips:

  • Don’t bother with Arcane and Bloodtinge. They are highly specialised stats that require quite a bit of knowledge to get to work. Just stick to Strength/Skill/Vigor/Endurance
  • Every weapon is viable, and can carry you through the game with ease; if you like the saw cleaver, don’t feel obliged to pick another weapon; any advantage that a weapon might have over another is meaningless if you’re not comfortable with the moveset.
  • As Mcgee said, the blunderbuss is probably the better starting gun; it has a shorter range but a much heavier stagger, so missing a parry will be less painful. The hunter’s pistol is okay too, since that allows you to keep your distance while you practice (though plenty of enemies have leap attacks); it’s up to you.

And finally:

  • Prepare to die. Quite a lot actually. It’s part of the game. See death as a learning experience instead of a punishment.

(oh, and the two werewolves on the bridge, run past them; not worth it lol)


I only recommended the Cleaver because it’s just real basic, and doesn’t have any odd mechanics like some other trick weapons do. The bonus damage to certain enemies is just a plus I felt like mentioning because it does kinda help with… certain things early on.

But yeah, I do agree that all the weapons are viable. There’s just a bunch of real weird ones. Like the Saw Spear that’s super slow and swapping modes drastically changes how it feels (won’t mention others because that’s the only one available really early on to find, but there’s plenty more).

@SnakeSound222 I’m not as familiar with BB as LordDerp is, but I can throw in bits and pieces of things I remember now and again.


I really love the Slave Knight Gael fight. The theme, thr arena, his moveset, even though i can almost completely predict it by this point.

Just a good fight. One of my favorites, for sure.

What’s more is that it’s one of those bosses where you can put a summon sign down and not even wait long to be a phantom.

I’ve been summoned alongside this other guy like a dozen times. We recognize eachother now. Glorious.


Lol i got summoned by a guy doing a stream and he was just amazed that i could beat Gael with a half a second of lag. (I ended up doing 90% of the damage because he decided he liked his ultragreatswords instead of speed.)

Can’t fault him for Rule of Cool, though. And he didn’t die, so props to him.


Sorry for revivifying this but

slightly further down is this pic which if it’s true means it’s 50% off


Yup. I was super excited about that. Glad i spent the like $10 on that during a steam sale over a year ago.


I was considering buying it, but this has pushed me over the doubt, I’m getting that shit

Also happy this thread got rezzed, just finished more high-level boss shenenigans. Uploading to the Youtubes as we speak.

Hint, it involves what I consider the second breaking point boss of DS3 :smirk:


Abyss first Pontiff second or Pontiff first Nameless King second or are you uploading a video of you bullying poor Gundyr? Or one of the DLCs like Midir?


Abyss first one, Pontiff second. Not sure about NK being third, given he’s optional.

And no, not Gundyr though I can do that real quick any suggestion?