The Soulsborne thread!


People talk about Gundyr being bullied, but I just sat here and farmed the Summoned Knight for a million souls. His lifespan between deaths was about 4 seconds.

Gundy doesn’t know shit about torment lmfao.

Edit: 30 minutes later, and another million farmed from him. Poor guy.


You didn’t mock him though =/


I mean, a series of instant kills or heavy attacks that keep him on his back are insulting enough.

Seriously. Take any of the top tier UGS or GAs and you can just R2R2R2R2 and all he can do is lay on his back and take it.

He’s easy to parry repeatedly, and his average life span is measured in seconds, unlike Gundy, who at least takes a couple minutes to embarrass.


Getting killed easily is nowhere near as insulting as getting killed by consistent parries, emotes and dung pies.


You can kill the Summoned Knight with dung pies. I killed him with the mendicant’s staff last night. My character has 12 intelligence, so it wasn’t even casting. It was just hitting him with a weak stick.


The paired greatshields have probably taken the #1 spot of “best weapon ever” because they’re hilarious.

Just 2 fucking big ass doors. I invaded someone with em and they didn’t even know what to do.

Trapped them In a hallway with a buncha goons behind them. No work done on my part lmfao.


I am very, very tempted to do a run as “The Doorman” but alas, I am not actually that good at this game. Not good enough to fuck around like that, anyways.


Ya know, once you get the timing down on the shields and are able to auto-block attacks with your own attack animation, it’s pretty crazy.

Especially considering that you can actually riposte enemies with these. Can’t do the critical, but you do get the big bonus damage if ya time it right.

I like em.


Is it actually a riposte like does hornet ring increase the damage or is it just a counter?


Ah, my bad. The counter. It does stun enemies like other greatshields do, but you can’t do the critical strike animations, so no hornet ring.

I got the two mixed up :stuck_out_tongue:


TFW a dagger bleeds a silver knight in 3 hits.

I like this Bandit’s Knife very much.


Get a Carthus Curved greatsword (or, if needing to scale it down a bit, the warden twinblades). Infuse them with blood. At 7 luck you get 72(60) bleed. And, AFAIK, R1+WA+R1(L1+WA+L1) is a true combo on pretty much everything. Enjoy your instant bleed.

On a luck build it gets even funnier:

50 bleed on a Carthus Curved Greatsword while still having over 500AR, 84 bleed on the warden winblades, and 97 poison on the rotten ghru dagger. Spam R1 with the dagger, poison the enemy within seconds, and then either bleed them to death with the winblades and the above mentioned combo, or go the old fashioned way with a heavy threat of bleed using the CCG.

(Also fun fact, I made this build to troll people with the Frayed blade: 60 luck and 40 dex for optimal damage and bleed buildup, and catch people in the weaponart; two of them combo, do large amounts of damage, and are pretty much guaranteed to proc bleed


I have tried to farm the warden twinblades for 5 characters now. It is frustrating, to say the least. Even in full farming gear, nothing. I spent longer trying for those than getting 30 damn Swordgrass.

I don’t quite have the vitality for the curved GS, but I did farm the regular Carthus Curved Sword, and it works quite nicely.

Currently playing a Luck/dex character now. Might respec to have a lot more luck down the line, but my weapons all do bleed or poison. My Carthus Sword is Hollow infused and still does pretty good damage for my level (a little over 310 AR and ~35 bleed).

My dagger is pretty weak, but has around 65 bleed and is like twice as fast as the sword. It absolutely murders all the bosses it gets used against except Dragonslayer Armor.

Definitely need to farm the Warden Blades though. Might go on another dedicated farm later today, just cause.


Usually, when doing a luck build, you infuse weapons with hollow if you want good damage, and if you want pure bleed/poison, you infuse it with bleed/poison.

Speaking or wardens, I just had a revelation…

You know how they can breathe fire right? What stook me as weird is that they tap their swords together before breathing fire. I thought is just looked cool. But after seeing this:

…they tick their swords together to create a sprak


I have my Carthus Sword infused with hollow, and my Bandit’ s Knife infused with bleed. My Brigand Twindaggers are poison, as well (tho they might swap to bleed if I ever decide to put a lot more points into stamina for the L1 combo spam)

Stackin bleed with DoT and real damage when necessary. It’s a real fun way to play, sad I didn’t give it a shot before.


Fast weapons are best in infuse with bleed/poison, since you’ll be hitting more and thus, applying the effect quicker. Duel wield weapons are even better, since their L1’s often hit multiple times, even further amplifying the effect. And finally, having a innate bleed effect (there are no dualwield poison weapons AFAIK) will greatly improve the buildup, if infused with the corresponding stone.

This is what makes the Warden Winblades so good, since they’re a) fast, b) duelwield and c) have innate bleed. Same goes for the Twindaggers. Even though they have no innate effect, their speed makes them lethal.


Onikiri and Ubadachi is something I had used before, but not as a bleed-focused weapon. It is wonderful with 78 bleed. It has really low durability, but I’m not using all my ring slots on this character, so I don’t mind slapping on a Wood Grain ring to compensate. It is bleeding faster than my dagger since it has the L1 combo, and it’s glorious.

Sadly, it’s about 110 AR less than my Carthus Curved Sword. Still, it’s crazy.


The universe saw fit to have a chuckle today and give me not one Warden Twinblade, but fucking 5 of them. In a row. I was trying to farm the clothes, but nooooooooo. It couldn’t just drop the one and give me the more common drops. Ugh. Now I need to farm another blood gem.

Still tho. About time lol


Cosplaying a Grave Warden in the elfriede fight.

This shit is hard when I can’t use a heavy weapon to stunlock her and break all the combos.


Lure out her invisibility attack, backstab, charged R2, L1 L1, repeat for the first phase. Second phase just wail onto Papa Ariendel, he’s frail as shit. Third phase backstab, charged R2 L1 L1.