The Soulsborne thread!


Does that even work against npc invaders?

Apparently it does… TIL


Yyyyyup. And it is hilarious.


Mayday! Mayday! We’re losing Trick to the dark side!


So I’m finally experimenting with Greatshields, and I find that I quite like em. You can deflect most enemy attacks with a good one, including some bosses. The Dancer’s thrust attacks, as an example. And I’m pretty sure the Abyss Watchers also get knocked back.

With high stability, it also takes very little stamina to just sit there and block everything, especially with perfect blocks. But the method will truly be tested when I get to Dragonslayer armor and the Princes.

The only problem is their weight. So much Vitality required, and it limits armor picks quite a lot.


Maaaaan why are black knight weapons so rare? I just want the damn sword.


Farm them in the graaaves


I was. I got one. Only took around 2 hours


Took me like 6 hours to get an LKLS


I have not done the farming for that one. Got a strongth/faith character in the making. All the LK weapons are, sadly, more skill-oriented unless you use gems.


Ur a skill


I am absolutely fine with that.

And on another note, Halflight in the Church of Filianore is harder than several of the player Spears of the Church I’ve killed.

Kinda funny tbh. The PvE version being tougher than the PvP guys, even with their healing helpers.


Weird I killed Half light on my first attempt but the players I couldn’t kill. When I was the SotC I didn’t lose once

Played defensively used health regen items and whittled em down while protecting my minion


Just depends on which people ya get, I guess. Been pretty lucky and gotten a buncha scrubs, it seems.


Yeah I guess never really had trouble though when I played as the boss


I assume you mean the UGS right? Because only the UGS and GA are drops; the glaive and greatsword are loot, not drops >.>


Yeah, I know. I didn’t actually know there was a regular black knight greatsword that wasn’t an ultra.

Goooood to know.


With my uber boss killer build, I always pray for players. Halflight with her bow, combined with the soulmass and the guardians are a major PITA.

Players, I tend to two shot. And 9/10 times, at that SL, the players are total scrubs, so with a player, the fight’s usually goes like:

  • Run in, nuke giant
  • Spawncamp guardian, nuke him
  • Wait for player to spawn in and soulmass to fire, nuke, nuke, done

Don’t even have to deal with the second guardian that way :joy:


The giant dies on its own though?


It’s a choice between listing to him bitching about how I am disturbing the princess’ sleep, or lob 2-3 vestiges and just wait in peace for the first guardian to spawn :man_shrugging:


Bruh, the Cathedral Knight Greatsword looks so good. Shame it isn’t as good as a number of the other UGS.

Don’t care tho. Fashion Souls is the most important (to a degree).