The Soulsborne thread!


Dancer dead in 6 hits on NG+3. Hoooo boy. Magic is a little powerful. Just a bit.


Over 200 hours into DS3 and I’m only now deciding to learn how to parry.


Nooooooo tricks dun do eet


Why exactly not?


Parrying is a path to the dark side


Oh, I couldn’t do it in PvP even if I got good at it. The 400~ish ping would make it nigh impossible.


People keep bullying poor Champion Gundyr with their parries


Lol I didn’t even know you could parry him.


Champion Gundyr beaten at SL1 using 720° behind the back parries followed by the “Hey!” emote before the riposte followed by the “Point Down” emote.

Champion Gundyr beaten on NG+7 with behind-the-back parries and a broken broken straight sword, while wearing a Symbol of Avarice and a Calamity ring, no estus used, and after each riposte, I drop a prism stone and go a little bit more hollow on the inside


It amazes me just how bored people can get.


They are so mean =(


Well, it’s kinda funny. If he weren’t a bitch then he wouldn’t have gotten trapped there, now would he?




That is actually hilarious. I did not know you could even poison/toxic him.


It’s too late you’re already turning to the dark side.


That happened when I beat the whole NG+4 in a dress with no deaths.


invades your boss fight to defend gundyr


Joke’s on you, I still play offline most of the time!

Also, i overlevel a lot. Chances are you’d never find me.


I’d hack your mainframe and inject stuff that lets me sneak in even when ur offline. Next time you fight a boss you’re gonna get invaded by every NPC invader


Seed of a Giant Tree

The tables have tabled, and now I’m helping the bosses kill the invaders