The Soulsborne thread!


That’s weird. I feel like they could have just combined those.

Thank you, though.


The stuff that adds regen has worse scaling in general


Blessed (the faith scaling version of simple, regens HP instead of FP) can actually be pretty decent. It gives faith scaling, but applies it to the physical damage scaling. Meaning it can be useful on faith builds that need pure physical damage instead of split physical-lightning


I was gonna bring up faith scaling, actually. It’s quite good much of the time since straight physical damage isn’t really a bad thing. Lets mage characters use heavy-hitting weapons without needing to invest in physical stats. AND you regen health.

But the simple/crystal just add different levels of the same thing, but one gives you regen for slightly less damage. I just feel they could have been combined and it wouldn’t have made a difference.


Ok, for the second time ever, i got to Midir’s second phase. But i forgot about the massive blast of damage that instant killed me.



Yaaaaaay midir is dead. And Tears of Denial is new best spell



Probably one of my favourite NPC’s in that game if not in the entire franchise. And that cutscene… oh lawd


8 of 10 swordgrass for the damn sword. This takes forever.

Anand I got it. Luck was on my side!


It’s worth it though. Not the same amount of damage as the other curved greatswords, but very fun to use, if only because of the weaponart.

Oh, and offhand it, use the winblades, both pontif rings, and spam L1. Ripperoni bosseroni


Huh, the damage buff isn’t huge, but it restores a nice chunk of health.


I really like Friede’s Great Scythe. Fun weapon.




Pretty much exactly that lmfao (but it’s actually still R1, just gotta hold L2 while ya do it)

Tracking is so good.


My internet is acting up and not letting me play online. On the occasion it isn’t a connection error, it won’t let me enter the boss door.


And also people entering boss rooms without waiting for the summon to finish. Fuck those people.


Wish there were more kinds of pyromancy flames. Like there are different chimes, talismans, staves, etc. Shame there are only 2 tbings you can use to throw fireballs.


*3 things. Demon’s scar is a great flame as well, though the damage is a bit less.

But we don’t really need more. FOr range, the normal one; CQC, the parting flame, and as nice hybrid with the scar


I 100% forgot about that one, not gonna lie.

Still, it would be kinda cool if we had the same kind of variety as with the other casting types.


Quick addition: the white hair talisman can cast pyromancies too, but it’s terrible, don’t use it :joy:


Tfw you think you dodge Midir’s fire breath, but your lag tells you otherwise and instantly kills you.