The Soulsborne thread!


Since we started flooding the SSR topic with DS3 talk, and the old DS3 thread is ancient, let’s make a new one! This is the place to discuss all thing Dark Souls, Bloodborne or hell, even Demon Souls if you’re into that

Say Something Random 5.4

The second I got this notification, mah game crashed. Boi.



You got what you deserved


Only 79 hours in DS3.


Looks over on steam page




To be fair, I only got it like 2 weeks ago.




That’s just the single game though. Dark Souls 1 is nearly 200 hours, Dark Souls 2 is well over 150 hours, and i don’t even want to look at my Bloodborne numbers .-.

Still, DS3 still can’t beat Elite Dangerous. Slightly over 600 hours on that game :joy::sob:


I played des1 and das1 on the ps3 never did play ds2

heh I have 1100 hours in evolve


Reeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyy tempted to kill the Dancer early.


do eet 


Ok, I did. She dead.

Record time of 3 minutes, and on NG+3, no less. Nnnneat.

Could I kill the bosses out of order. That would be fun lmao


Well, I am at the Archives now. No problem yet.

Oh, wait. Bastards. Gonna progression lock it. Humph.


Yep gotta do the 3 lords of cinders before you get to kill the princes



Also, going through stuff with +5 Ringed Knight Greatswords is hilarious.




He is a little frail, whiny staff twirler. A princess.


Ur frail and whiny and a staff twirler


Nope, just whiny. I got no staff bish. I beat them with an enchanted sword and light them on fire.

But my better character beats them into dirt with very large, sometimes flaming, hunks of metal.