The Solved Mystery of Slim's Tier 2 Spore Cloud Mastery


So I had a recent epiphany on how Slim’s Spore Cloud objective for the second star which is to keep the Monster in a Spore Cloud for 20 seconds 20 times. I’ve heard people say that it’s bugged and that they’ve tried doing it with their friends in a custom with no progress. Me and my friends have found out what the problem is. You can keep shooting Spore Clouds non-stop and it still counts as one Spore Cloud if they’re connected and there’s the problem. The timer for the single cloud continues as long as they’re in that cloud. This means that if you keep the Monster in a Spore Cloud for 60 seconds it only counts as one. So basically you need to “refresh” the timer so to speak to earn another point towards the objective.

TL;DR The Spore Cloud second star objective only counts once per area meaning the effects have to wear off on the Monster for another timer, for another point, to start. Basically once the Monster has been in a Cloud for 20+ seconds let it wear off.

Is Slim's Spore Cloud Launcher mastery bugged?

Yeah, but it doesn’t solve the grind of the 3rd star. Someone in another topic discovered that shooting a spore cloud at wildlife before a revive also counts though, so that might help.


I’m dying trying to complete the Tier 3 Slim is giving me the hardest time to Elite and he’s the only one I don’t have done other than Sunny only because I haven’t played Sunny. All other 18 hunters and monsters are done and I can tell you that his Tier 3 is the hardest objective I’ve ever done. It’s so situational.


I just said the same thing in another post. I have to wrap up Sunny’s 3rd stars, which I’ll get to, but Slim’s 3rd star spore cloud is the only other one I need of all the Hunters. I just played 6-8 matches of Rescue trying to get as many people killed as possible - I got 3 in the first match… and that was it. 15/50, from maybe 3 hours of working on just this mastery. It doesn’t work the way it says it does - you can shoot the Monster with a spore cloud then revive all you want, but if the Monster moves out of the cloud at any point before you finish reviving (which they always do right away) it doesn’t count. Wildlife are never around when you need them, or your team kills them. I’ll probably do all of this work to get it, then in a week they’ll change it.


Yeah most likely I just hope unlike in the last patches they actually post the differences just so the people who worked their a**es off can know how much easier it should have been.


Ok, since I started shooting spore clouds all over the place wherever there might be wildlife, I’ve been getting a lot better progress. It’s still inconsistent, but I’ve gotten as many as 5 or 6 in a match finally. Rescue vs. Goliath, Wraith Trap w/ force field map effect. I got credit for healing drone revives even when I shot a mammoth bird with spore cloud the moment before it picked up a survivor the first time. Got more in the last 5 matches than I did in the last 15 before that.


I gave up and set it up and even then it took forever.