The solution to relay camping hunters


Monsters are beasts of nature no question about it. They pocess some type of unique ability to spontaneously regenerate tissue from some type of highly specialized cellular mitosis process. This is displayed when they evolve obviously. So how does this fix hunters camping at a relay? Well once a monster hits stage 3 it gets the option to fill up a bar similar to an evolve one (maybe smaller) and begin to go into a cocoon to start to regenerate it’s health, not at an insanely fast rate though. Like it would take awhile to regenerate any substantial amount of health. What this would do is punish hunters for not actually hunting and just camping, all the progress and health damage they did can be erased at stage 3 should they choose to camp the relay. What this forces them to do is stay on the monster and hunt it until dead. But if they feel confident enough about fighting a stage 3 full health and armor at the relay they still can. But they are aware that by they’re choice to not hunt the monster it makes it stronger. Keep in mind this ability isn’t designed to be spammed to make monsters into wolverine. When they use this ability they sacrifice mobility, armor, and defense. Meaning it’s an easy dome with no armor. But the hunters can’t expect to just sit and one spot and abuse terrain to win. Likewise the monster can’t expect to just keep running off and slowly regenerating it’s health and win.


This’d be really unfair.

Hunters don’t want to be chasing a prepared S3 around. Against S3, they NEED terrain to have a chance.


So you are saying we need to fix the terrain??


Nah. Just give Goliath a gun. Simple.


I really don’t want to chase a Wraith all the way to stage 3 and then chase her some more.


Back at the beginning I suggested that wraith regenerate health instead of gain it to prevent flee till 3. That way if you don’t mix it up till s3 you basically fight with 4 bars of health (instead of 8). Instead they decided to nerf decoy into the ground.

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If the monster’s goal is to destroy the relay (or hunters first), why is it bad that the hunters are trying to defend it in the end?


Pretty much. The timer will always force the monster to the relay. If a monster can get to stage 3 he’s supposed to be OP vs the hunters. Bunking down at the relay is the only way to level the playing field a bit.

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Hunters still have a chance. Just because they don’t have cheap relays to fight on or around doesn’t mean they are automatically going to lose. I’ve evolve domed plenty of stage 3 monsters at full health or just about and still spanked them with my team. No cheese required


I dont think that would work, arent his abilities based aroung Goliath? Giving him a gun would make him less Goliath and more Gunliath, plus it wouldnt fit in the Lore. Sometimes I wonder where you get these crazy ideas… btw wanna join my Medic/Monster bundle cult? We get chicken on fridays.

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I don’t like eating meat though. D:

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Its optional.

We also have a garden, the location is secret as of now because it also a drug factory but dont tell anyone :wink:


Kay. Why not.

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