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According to wikipedia:

The Akashic Records is where all the known memories and knowledge of the infinite numbers of universes are unified and can be accessed by Yogas and mediums who have trained their psychic abilities to a level required.

Though wikipedia states that there is no scientific evidence, I did like to differ.

According to Kevin Williams, a well-known near-death experience research, in the website below:

Near-death experiences like Dannion Brinkley are able to momentarily access this trove of knowledge, and they have predicted the following:

a. The Stock Market Crash of October 1929
b. The Great Depression
c. The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
d. The beginning and end of World War II
e. America’s entry into World War II
f. The death of Franklin D. Roosevelt
g. India’s independence from Britain
h. The re-establishment of the nation of Israel
i. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Essenes
j. The death of John F. Kennedy
k. The Civil Rights Movement and 1960’s civil unrest
l. The fall of the Soviet Union and communism
m. The U.S. and Russia alliance
n. New technological discoveries (see his article)
o. The existence of the planet Pluto
p. A shift of Earth’s magnetic poles (see this article)
q. The day of his own death

Edgar Cayce’s prophetic visions yet to happen:

a. Armageddon will be a battle in the spirit realm to prevent souls from the hell realms to reincarnate for 1000 years. It is also a battle within everyone between their higher nature and their lower nature.
b. The possibility of a World War III
c. Catastrophic natural disasters
d. A dramatic rise in the level of the ocean
Multi-colored iconn. Dannion Brinkley’s major prophetic visions which have already happened:
a. The demoralization of America from the Vietnam War
b. The presidency of Ronald Reagan
c. Turmoil in the Middle East
d. The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster
e. The collapse of the Soviet Union
f. The Desert Storm war against Iraq in 1990
g. The existence of chemical weapons in the Middle East

Dannion Brinkley’s major prophetic visions yet to happen:

a. Oil used as a weapon to control the world economy
b. The economic collapse of the world economy
c. A war between China and Russia
d. Democracy in Egypt overthrown and fanatics rule
e. An alliance between the Chinese and Syrians
f. Catastrophic natural disasters in America
g. The fall of America as a world power
h. The rise of an environmental religion beginning in Russia
i. A leader from Russia to become a U.N. leader
j. The possibility of a World War III
k. A scientific discovery to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the manufacture of computer chips (see this article)

The accuracy shows that the Akashic Records actually does exist, and that it is possible to get someone who have a near-death experience to access this infinite information well.

You may all think that this is hogwash, but according to:

“Mellen-Thomas has the big picture. His story is one of the most remarkable I have encountered in extensive research on near-death experiences. It is very rare that those who have died and returned have seen into the future to the extent that Mellen has. His vision of the future is one of hope. He has participated in studies of a major university where he contributed to understanding the structure of genes and chromosome coding for a genetic disease, while researchers puzzled over how he could have access to this information.” - Dr. Kenneth Ring

His knowledge was gained from his near-death experience, which meant that the Akashic Records can also tell us about the Whys instead of the Whats of knowledge.

How does this relate to solving Balance Issues in Evolve?

Well, TRS only needs to tell all its million and one subscribers and players a message: that if they ever get experience an NDE, they need to ask the “light that awaits them at the end of the tunnel” several questions:

  1. How do we make Evolve balanced?

  2. How do we make Evolve a better game?

Thus, we need only 1 person to have an NDE and we can have a complete answer.

Even better is the recruitment of a medium.

According to:

Victor Zammit, a world renown NDE researcher and ex-lawyer, writes that this person:

David Thompson, is capable of materialising ectoplasm in his channellings of the dead to allow them to temporarily assume human form and talk to us.

These are the dead who have infinite access to the Akashic Records. Thus, we only need a person from TRS to consult him to channel someone who can access these records, to know the answer to all problems in Evolve.


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