The Solution Box


Have a problem? Here’s a solution.

Problem: Leaderboards are messed up.
Solution: Ignore the leaderboards.

Problem: Steam reviews are unfair.
Solution: Don’t rely on steam for reviews.

Problem: Wraith keeps killing me.
Solution: Exploit it’s weaknesses.

Problem: Hackers in game.
Solution: Report the hacker and leave.

Problem: Players dropping out of games for wins.
Solution: See leaderboards solution.

Problem: Abe’s OP.
Solution: Avoid Abe.

Problem: Forums are mean.
Solution: Don’t use the forums.

Problem: Game is overpriced.
Solution: Don’t buy it.

Problem: Game favors hunters.
Solution: Play as a hunter.

Problem: Game favors monsters.
Solution: Play as monster.

Problem: I didn’t get the class I wanted.
Solution: Try again.

Problem: I still didn’t get the class I wanted.
Solution: See previous answer.
Alternate solution: Play someone else.

Problem: I didn’t get my Behemoth or extra hunters.
Solution: They’re not released yet.

Problem: Mammoth Birds killed me.
Solution: Eat striders instead.

Problem: My feelings are hurt.
Solution: Provides hug.

Problem: I can’t find anything more to complain about.
Solution: Go play the game.