The solar system containing Shear


Hey, in was just wondering about the solar system in which Shear is contained in. How many moons does Shear have and what are they like? How many planets are the solar system? How big is Shear? How long is a year?

I have not found much about Shear in those regards and I was just thinking about it. Any information is greatly appreciated :smile:.


I summon the lore master @Matthew.


I’ve recently been reading the World of Thedas book, which is an “in tone” encyclopedia for the setting of the Dragon Age games and this question makes me hope they do something similar for Evolve’s setting. A same styled book for The Witcher is to be released and one exploring the planet, system or galactic setting of Evolve would certainly deprive my wallet of some more of its comforting notes.

A Warhammer Xenology-esque book written by Caira, perhaps?


This doesn’t answer your questions, but I thought you might be interested because it’s somewhat relevant! :grin: