The :-) smiley looks way too happy compared to :-D smiley


Seriously, check how he looks:

:-) = :smile:

That’s not your regular “hehe” smile, that’s full-blown trippin’ balls smile. I say he needs to be changed to look less happy. If you compare him to laughing smiley:

:-D = :smiley:

The :slight_smile: looks even happier than :smiley:. As a regular user of emoticons I am offended.

This is unreasonable and TRS should be ashamed for having broken forums.


Yeee, the : - ) should be > :blush:


I always like to think of it as every forum member being filled the brim with happiness all the time.



First, DLC, and now FORUMS?! HOW DARE THEY!

We need to make a STAND, NOW!


Exactly what I’m talking about. We the people shouldn’t take this abuse lightly. If we keep accepting these emoticons it will become a standard and every forum will be like this eventually.


We shall NEVER succumb to the tyranny of the TRS emoticons. ALL WHO IS WITH ME SAY “AYE”


I never use this :smiley: <------

Dat emoticon is creepy as hell


Overly Attached Smiley.


Its watching when you sleeping,Snatching yo people up



Preorder cancelled!

Also anyone find it weird that we have these two ‘different’ emoticons?
:smiley: :grinning:


I agree that this man has touched upon something worth mentioning.

Preorder cancelled.


That’s weird indeed.


And is this actually a happy poop?


I do agree with what you’re saying here and I think I speak for the majority of forum-goers here that I much MUCH prefered the old smilies to these. >_<


I wasn’t there for the good ol’ days unfortunately. Which ones were those?


Well I can’t bring them up but they were almost like the ones you see now but better!


Hold on I wanna make sure I got this right.
:smiley: :smile:


Excuse me while I sit in this corner and die from how much I’m laughing at this post.


Smiley aren’t coherent, pre-order canceled


You know, I can see the humour in this post, and how irrelevant it is in the scheme of things, mainly that game releases in one day…and yet I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday haha. :slight_smile: scares the crap out of me and is by no means a chilled out smile, its more a, what was that word?, tripping balls smile haha


I am going to kill you in your sleep :smiley: