The smallest Mishap results in a team wipe


Weather it be the lazuris device locking onto a sloth instead of a teammate
or val’s medic gun locking onto fucking daisy instead of finish reviving teammates
Or your support getting killed by a nomad.


Yep, this is a game of a series of important moments. Hunters could definitely do with trying harder to fight around less hostile wildlife though, and definitely to stop walking right into them.


This is why I simply refuse to play hunters with the public, and seeing as how my friends are not fans of this game i’ll be sticking exclusively to monster


Edited your title. No harm. I understand where you’re coming from but with more practice and learning the ropes, folks will make less mistakes that end up being catastrophic. But sometimes, it just happens! You’re having a rockin’ game and are like…we got this. Next minute, it escalates out of hand and you’re all dead.


like what just happened in my last game.

We were doing nasty to a kracken and all of a sudden a massive land tyrant pops out of a bush and murders me while im shielding our medic…


Don’t understand if this is a complaint, statement or what not, but yes, it happens. So?
I have a footage that once as a monster i wanted to do some damage, but i wanted to do it on my terms, so i baited hunters right next to Tyrant, and the moment they come in, i charge the first one with Goliath, bounce the hunter to the water - Tyrant disappeared ! I wish i had a camera to look on my face, my whole mysterious plan lied in ruins, and instead of glorified battle, i had to fight for my live. This shit was funny. Some bugs are bad and annoying, some on the contrary are keeping me wanting more and more.
@Eddie_Fonzarelli it’s your choice, but know that you would be missing on a lot of fun. How about looking on forum in a thread for people who want to play, and just test them out. We all don’t have to be friends, but like i said, you will be missing out on big chunk of a game.


Went to go place a Sound Spike.

Run into an Armadon.

No Trapper.


“Monster’s tunnelling me!”

“Don’t worry, got your shield here!”

>shield hits Daisy instead
>Trapper goes down
>Monster gets away


“Saved your dog!”


your right @dupalec, there’s so much work gone into making the hunters a diverse, balanced and interesting team that I would be missing out on a good chunk of the game. Plus i would be familiar with hunter abilities if i did. I can’t imagine how stoopid i looked to the first lazarus i faced by abandoning corpses.

Team games however are only as good as the teams you are on, and In my experience that makes that chunk of the game the opposite of enjoyable. Playing someone who is as good as a goliath as me as part of your average bunch of matchmakers usually results in 6-8 minutes of being a sad panda.

Im just super frustrated that I have 160+ friends and NONE of them enjoy Evolve. What are the F’ing odds of that?


Matchmaking won’t be so shit on release
It just should be level based
win lose should have very little effect

Lose one game
Loser further games because matchmaking will put you with worse and worse players


It would be nice to have Player Corpses take priority over the dead animal on top of them… Had a friend rez an Armaddon after it downed someone (No no it wasn’t like that, Kraken knocked him into it and it just stole the last hit) because it died on top of the downed guy… It was awkward. Kraken definitely made ground during THAT mess :wink: