The SiTH Evolve PC Tournament, 22nd Feb 7pm GMT (2pm EST)

Sign-ups are open for the SiTH Evolve PC Tournament! Joining is as easy as filling in the sign-up form and showing up on the day. Make sure to read all the details on the rules and the tournament structure so you know what’s going on. This is your team’s chance to prove you’ve got what it takes to be the best of the hunters or the hunted and to have a lot of fun while doing so!

Date: Sunday 22nd of February, Starts at 7pm GMT (2pm EST)
Structure: Initial Group Stage with Final Bracket
Gametype: Default Hunt Mode
Roster Size: 5 + 1 Reserve

Team Sign-Ups:
Free Agent Sign-Ups:
Complete Rulelist:
List of Teams:

We hope to have a minimum of 8 teams signing up and a maximum of 16 teams to make it more manageable for the tournament admins.

We are going to be running a “Monster Rotation” system for this tournament, that means for each round you must submit one of your previous round’s Hunter players as a new Monster. There’s a survey question for this on the sign-up sheet, but I hope teams will be willing to give it a shot at least once!

We have a public Steam Group available which will be used during the tournament for direct contact with tournament admins and for submitting match results:

Any questions or comments about the tournament, please post below. Good sportsmanship and abiding by the rules are obviously mandatory. I hope you all enjoy the tournament and have many awesome games!

War Spirit.


I already want to be the 22nd :wink:

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Now to find me a team of 4 people and sign up :smiley: Great initiave, hope to be a part of it!

edit: can I also sign up as a ‘free agent’ but cancel it if I do find a team (and sign up with it) ?

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Thanks! Yep, that’s the idea as soon as you have a team ready just sign up the team and I’ll clear your name off the free-agents list. :smile:

Thanks, going to sign up now!

And if I’m correct, this is a one day-tournament, meaning all matches will be played on sunday evening/night?

Yep they will be.

i will be in there for sure - keep that ruleset up and dont change it any more so people can start training with perks n stuff. Like the one of ESL was pretty much shit, lately announced no advertisement and no perks/masteries throw things quite alot.

so keep it like that :slight_smile:

////VOTE FOR STICKY !!! Hype it and spread the word thanks! btw. u might wanna consider banning feeding rate out of the tournament - in case some kraken are able to stage 2 before you even are out of the dropship - think about it.

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My team is a little wary of the idea of a “monster rotation” system. We have a team setup of 5, where 4 are hunters and 1 is our dedicated monster. We just don’t like this format. If this was changed we would more than likely sign up.

Is there an ability to have a commentator, Iw ould love to be one and I could also stream the event as well. Let me know if this is possible or needed :wink:

Unfortunately there is no spectator client so commentating is a pain in the ass. I did it today for the xbox stream by using hunter stream and monster stream and combining them into a multitwitch and casting off of that. It’s kind of shitty but it’s literally the only way to cast the game. I’d love to cast as well. Let me know if you need a partner.

I’d love if you would be willing to give it a shot, most teams are set up similarly to yours so you’ll find some games are going to be against some pretty average monsters. As long as you win a majority of your games you’ll progress. One problem with the 4 Hunter + 1 Monster system is a team of bad hunters can win an entire tournament if their monster player carries them all the way (and they get lucky on the tiebreaker cointosses). It’s basically just a tournament to find the best monster player. I’d much rather see a tournament to find the best team. I think once stronger Hunter teams develop in Evolve the table might flip, but for this tournament we’d really like to try the monster rotation system.

Hey guys, we’ve got 11 teams signed up so far out of a maximum of 16, so if you’re on a team really hoping to participate fill that sign-up form in fast. Really awesome that so many teams are showing support for this event already. Thank you!

Are you sure this rule won’t change?I mean most teams are practising at their best Role.Switching monsters and hunters is kinda bad…

Yeh for this tournament the rule won’t change. We’ve had a lot of other guys who have been practising monster too just for this so it should be lot’s of fun!

As a side note guys we’ve hit the full 16 team limit for the tournament, check out the teams here: Any further teams that sign up will be added to wait list in-case any team drops out before Sunday.

Woo, it’s tomorrow! :smiley:

Btw. whats “Free Agent Sign up” ? Does it mean “Ringer” ? EDIT: Nvm. got it

GReat tournament guys ! After all, the monster rotation is an interesting way to play.

But i have a feedback about the elite widlife. I think we should disable it. Its a strategic thing, yes but there is a massive amount of luck in it.

Exemple: We played against a wraith, we domed him s2. When he left the dome, he was 1,5 health bar left. But… Just after that… Boom luck. The health regen buff. And with the wraith you know thats is very hard to catch him… ( wraith trap map).

So the wraith just did circle on the map, spamming the tp and warp blast. And at the end evolved s3. We stoped the hunt because of the boring it was. So, he went, supernova, gg.

Thats why the elite widlife should be disabled…

But great tournament anyways again. Still in decent place huehuehue ( 3 rd :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Can I sign up as sole monster and just forfeit rounds I would play as a hunter and simply stomp everyone as a monster? :>