The SiTH Evolve PC Tournament #2, 12th March 7pm GMT (Prizes from 2K/TRS!)

Sign-ups are open for the second SiTH Evolve PC Tournament! Joining is as easy as filling in the sign-up form and showing up on the day. Make sure to read all the details on the rules and the tournament structure so you know what’s going on. This is your team’s chance to prove you’ve got what it takes to be the best of the hunters or the hunted and to have a lot of fun while doing so!

Date: Thursday 12th of March, Starts at 7pm GMT (2pm EST)
Structure: Initial Group Stage with Final Bracket
Systems: Draft Pick, Monster Rotation
Gametype: Hunt Mode, Perks and Buffs On, 15 Minute Rounds
Roster Size: 5 Players
Prizes: 5 Hunting Season Passes!

Team Sign-Ups: here
Complete Rulelist: here
List of Teams: here

We hope to have a minimum of 8 teams signing up and a maximum of 16 teams to ensure smooth running brackets. We are very happy to announce that there will be prizes, courtesy of 2K and Turtle Rock Studios, the winning team will receive five Evolve Hunting Season passes!

As in our previous tournament, we will be running the “Monster Rotation” system and we will also be introducing a new “Draft Pick” system. Inspired by other games with picking phases, teams will take turns picking their Hunter characters from the game. Once a Hunter is picked it cannot be picked by the opposing team resulting in new diverse builds being played throughout the tournament. The picking phase is reset for each round of the tournament. We hope teams will be eager to try out this exciting system.

We have a public Steam Group available which will be used during the tournament for direct contact with tournament admins, other participants and for submitting match results:

Any questions or comments about the tournament, please post below. Good sportsmanship and abiding by the rules are obviously mandatory. I hope you all enjoy the tournament and have many awesome games!

War Spirit.


I will be honest: I lost interest after reading the ruleset. I personally do not feel announcing picks or swapping Monster players is a viable format for a competitive setting. It leaves no space for adaptive strategy, no space for team composition strategies, dedicated Monster players, … While Draft pick and counters can work in a situation where we have large Hunter and Monster pools to work with, that’s just not the case at the moment. As such I feel the system is redundant.

Best of luck with the tournament; I hope there will be some streaming going on from the matches. This game is amazing to watch and play and seeing people take initiative to create a competitive scene keeps my hopes for this game alive. Respect goes out to you :slight_smile:

I do think most people who are actively playing this game competitively already own a season pass.

My team might compete, looking forward to it!

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I don’t have my season pass yet. :frowning: Waiting for that Monster Edition Upgrade option to be added to Steam. “fingers crossed”

At least those winners who do already have it can give it to a friend or offer it as a raffle among other participants. Look forward to seeing your team sign up!

Sorry, did I read that right? If a hunter is picked by one team it can’t be used by another?

That seems like a terrible idea, especially considering Caira is the only viable medic in comp play at the moment.

It seems as though that would pigeonhole team comps instead of encouraging diversity, as well as promote metagaming ban strategies over actual gameplay.

Our previous tournament was blind pick, ran very well too. We saw ESL introduced a picking phase so wanted to try a variation of that here too. I do think in future announcing picks is going to be essential for Evolve. If you play against a Monster player you know, chances are you know his favourite Monster, this gives your team an advantage over another team who would be going in blind. We don’t want teams to have an advantage just because they know the player.

Yes, with a larger pool of Hunters available the Draft Pick system will be much better (can’t wait for Tier 4!) but to see every Hunter team running the same cookie cutter composition isn’t the best either. Teams that are well versed in their class specialisation should do well in this tournament. Being open with picks allows Hunter teams to pick perks to suit the Monster and allows Monster to pick skills to suit the Hunters. It’s an interesting balance, and we’re happy to be the tournament that tests the extent of this balance.

And thanks! :slight_smile:

You read it right Brick! We’re hoping to see a greater variety in Hunter compositions for this tournament compared to previous events. You’ve still got a week to try out some new Val/Lazarus strats, and remember perks + buffs are on which should help out a bit. The system won’t go as far as to force you into using Bucket since each team can only pick 1 character from each class, so you’ll always have a choice of 2 in the end before locking in your final combination.

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Btw for me the buff should be off. A kraken take the 35 % ddamage/réduction and its go :slight_smile:

Or a wraith who take the regen buff and keep dashing around the map :stuck_out_tongue:

My fear is that nearly every team will have the same pick strategy. The optimal picks seem extremely clear.

Left: Caira (because getting stuck without a caira when you have a choice is inconceivable)

Right: Hank (because without either hank or caira the monster will crush them) and Markov (best and also most defensive assault to help make up the loss of Caira)

Left: unimportant trapper pick

So the left side will mostly be Caira/Cabot/trapper/Parnell and the right side will mostly be Val/Hank/trapper/Markov

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Getting hyped to win dem prizzes.

Wow, this is really cool, just gotta see if I can get a team to join in.

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Going to add a link to this over on the Hub thread: Useful Evolve Info. & Links HUB

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Thanks Sledge.

We’ve got two team slots left before we hit our minimum target of 8, after that we’re looking to get up to 12 or 16 teams participating. First teams signing up get priority!

Really looking foward to it. My team is signed up! We really need a dedicated thread where we can gather information on upcoming evolve tournaments. =)

Awesome man. There is the Calendar section on these forums here: Mods usually add all the tournament threads to it.

Hey can a mod add this to the forums calendar section? @SledgePainter Ty.

Yep, should be good to go now!

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