The single most useful tip for new players


do not just dome.

seriously. if it prompts to throw the dome, make sure you are (in that order)

  1. 4 people and not someone on the dropship.
  2. Not far away from your team. Especially if you are the medic.
  3. in a favorable dome spot. i.e. no loops, mostly dead ends where the monster has a hard time to kite.
  4. make sure you will do health damage, don´t just throw it when the monster is full armor and actually wants to fight. wait for him to run, then throw.

You didn't dome the monster, you just dome'd yourself

100 times yes.


Nah.If you do that then you will never dome and you will just run in circles


Ok. because i clearly have no experience in this game at all.


You find the monster as trapper.Team is not following->you wait for them to reach you->monster goes away

It goes a little bit further,all 4 are there but terrain is not ideal,you don’t dome so it runs again

Monster has full armor,you just hit it some times and it goes away because you won’t do health damage

You could just dome when you find it and wait 10 secs for your team to come without enganging


I think number 3 isn’t always the best choice.
Pillars can work wonders for defensive maneuvering. Sure it works the same for monster as well but breaking line of sight against 1 player (monster) is easier than against 4 players (hunters).
Also it’s better to think twice or even three times if you want to dome certain monsters inside narrow caves with very little space to work with.


This is the only tip that isn’t necessarily true. If you can catch a stage 1 monster at all, you should absolutely take advantage of it; you can chew through the armor pretty easily then. And if you wait to dome, you may lose the monster entirely.


This should be the indisputable most useful tip for new players. Expect to lose more than you win at the very least 1st 10 hours of your playtime. If you can take this, you can expect to pass the evolve bootcamp.

Nothing beats this!


I :heart: pillars. Especially as Support or Medic. :slight_smile:

Also, I think in a “Kill Wraith” guide it says that many Monster players are rattled by Domes because it means they can’t roam and feed and grow. A Dome means they are going to have to put off any plans.

The clincher is that the Monster usually is not aware at first if other Hunters are not in the Dome.
Surely the moment of uncertainty is better than just watching it march away to feed, roam, and grow?


ok pillars is the wrong word. i meant like 15 diameter big rocks where you can just run around as monster. not the small ones where you just circle in 2 seconds. my bad.


each game 1 person lock th monster and the others are 100 in game meters away we lose


Those are definitely dangerous! :open_mouth:


most useful tip- watch the tutorial videos

bonus tip- buy and use a mic


The game just needs to get rid of the extremes and then players will quickly catch on about “Sometimes it’s best not to throw the dome.”

The extremes need to go. Things like when a Hunter is all on his own 300m away from the rest of the team. He should not get a gigantic blue prompt telling him "HOLY SHIT YOU CAN DOME THE MONSTER NOW! PRESS THIS BUTTON! PRESS IT NOW!"
It’s made even worse by the fact that the prompt blocks quite a large portion of your screen and refuses to go away until you throw the dome.


Thats gives me a pretty cool idea,

how about an algorithm that calculates the chances of a good dome, i.e. distance, health pools, maybe even distance to prefered dome spots. this would help new players immensly and would not affect high level play at all.

so the better the chances, the bigger the box gets, or just put a percentage there.

it is a bit like the observer mode calculation i guess.

You didn't dome the monster, you just dome'd yourself

This is a bad idea, it will give all players a feeling of false belief, the game can’t calculate the player’s skill while they’re in the dome. E.g: If all players where next to each other, had full hp/jetpack, and no kiting spots for the monster, the calculation would give them a very high percentage? But the Medic on your team has only played a couple of hours with no experience and dies almost instantly and the monster destroys the rest of the team, players will then start to question this percentage and start whining on the forums because it’s broken


that logic doesn’t work… if you are bad, you are just bad. you still have the same chances to succeed, what you make with your odds is entirely up to you.

It would certainly discourage people from randomly doming. and that is what counts.


Find it often when the monster is standing ground and fighting and some newb domes, if the monster is fighting and not running it’s a waste of dome.

Use dome when he is trying to run with low armor/hp.

Same happens when we’re defending the relay, don’t use the damn dome, we on defense in the relay let him come, dome when he tries to run with low armor/hp.


The equation to winning a game is much more complex and very team-centric instead of player centric.

for hunters, they are only as strong as the weakest link.

in my mind i work out in simple math, you can contribute at max 20% chance in winning games, the res are divided about equally between rest of hunters and the monster.


its not about winning, its about how good the dome is rated.

actually thats a pretty cool statistical challenge. You could make a database with a lot of different domes and look who was victorious. it´s like every chess combination gets a certain rating and you simply do the one that is best for you.