The "silhouette" rule has been broken - can this open skin creativity?


So a long time ago (and I mean a long time ago, like pre-release or around release) there were a lot of requests from players to have purchasable skins be more than just recolors. People felt displeased and wanted something more along the lines of League of Legends skins where the character changes more significantly. TRS devs were adamant that one of the balancing factors of the game was that each class had a specific silhouette shape (Assaults were huge and bulky, medics had a V-shape, trappers had a [] shape, and supports had a ^ shape) in order to facilitate quicker class-recognition for monster players. In other words, they wanted you to be able to quickly recognize and pick your targets.

Fast-forward and we now have Renegade Abe and Paladin Parnell. The “silhouette” rule has been broken as there is a small non-armored assault and a bulky armored medic. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally fine with this - I never thought the silhouette rule was that important to begin with. League of Legends players, even in competitive play, deal with skins that drastically change a champion’s colors, shapes, and even spell effects, and they deal with all of this just fine.

My point here is that, now that they aren’t adhering to the rule, maybe it’s time we can get skins that have more to them. Goliath that looks more like a Pacific Rim kaiju, a Wraith that looks (even more) like a Xenomorph, a Behemoth that is more flesh than stone, a Kraken skin that is an homage to its Grounder concept art (can you tell I’m a monster player? Insert your creative ideas for hunter skins here :sweat_smile:)… they could even change the ability effects or colors.

Call these premium skins and slap a price tag on, I don’t care. But I think a door has been opened that definitely ought to be explored.

TL;DR I think (when the time is right and the resources available) that we should get better full-body hunter and monster skins that change more than the coloration.

(Grounder picture, for reference)


Swimsuit Caira
Swimsuit Wraith

:^) count me in.

Me when playing monster never actually look on characters,just on colored bar [with possible class icon too]
I do not believe anyone care about some silhouette rule


Well… you’re getting the overall idea at least :smirk:


Skins with crazier and more drastic changes are something I’ve wanted for a look time as well.

When the game was first announced, I had high hopes for hunter skins but was really disappointed that weapons were the only thing you could customize. When stage 2 launched, the hunter skins did get better, but they’re mostly just recolors. Adaptations perfectly embody what I hoped skins would be. I would have spent money to get my Abe to look like Rabe. However, you could argue that they did get put to better use and I would have to agree.


I would like fun skins and the like. recolors can be a bit droll at times.


Jack could wear a Dovakhin helmet.


Elite skins for hunters should have been “enhanced” versions of the base skins instead of blue-gold recolors.

Look at how Heroes of the Storm does it:



Or for a human character:

See, here she gets an entirely new suit and a plasma ponytail. How cool is that?!

Meanwhile in Evolve everyone gets blue+gold or black+gold recolor and RVal gets a smaller butt :confused:


If/when they have the resources to actually do completely different skins, I’d rather those resources be put into designing brand new characters, first.


Just give me a Val spandex suit skin for Lennox and I’m happy.


What a lovely mental image.


Miley Gorgon, :daisy:



I already have a few in mind.



If only there is a way like in Dota 2 Workshop where many community creators can create and sent their art which will then be approved by the community and TRS devs that would be awesome…

but I did heard about some copyright stuff on preventing that…



I want one for Daisy, Crow and Cabot bae.


We little halloween coustumes for daisy like those hot dogs or other foods


little cupcake daisy :^)


Yes, this is a great example of what I was going for. I’ve really liked the “Master” system ever since I played that game and honestly was hoping for something similar with Elite characters in this game. I remember the first people to elite monsters were fairly disappointed, and its fair to expect something pretty epic when it is called an “elite” skin.

When I found out that Evolve Stage 2 had Prime skins I was really hoping they did some extra enhancements this time around, but once again found it was just recolors. Cool recolors, no doubt, but recolors nonetheless and (imo) a little bit of a missed opportunity.

People say this kind of thing a lot, and while I do understand the sentiment (I too would love more characters), they just don’t equate. New characters require new skeletal rigs, new voice acting, new models, new abilities and effects, tons of brainstorming/testing/balancing, etc. What if they could make 10 to 15 “legendary” skins for the same amount of time and money it takes to make an entirely new character? It is up to TRS what is worth the time and investment.