The Short Film Thread


Nothing is stopping my feel train this week, it seems.


YEEES! Something related to TF2!

That makes me verrry happy!

And me too, I cried IRL when I saw it for the first time.



The creator is now trying to create a feature-length film of R’Ha on Kickstarter (link in video).







Gotta love FNAF films

Also happy cake day :slight_smile:



Been a long time but hey, found something adorable (hit the closed captioning on the YouTube video for English subtitles):




Damn you! Saw this thread being rezzed, thought about posting that



Great minds and all :smiley:


Well, that was amazing! Glad I rezzed this thread now!

And was that Sigorney Weaver?!!


Sure is!

I believe the story is that Blomkamp (the director) was assigned to a Alien movie, with Weaver, but that got cancelled in one way or another. Seems Blomkamp and Weaver stuck together with another sci-fi project; one they had full freedom with, instead of being bogged down by the established Alien lore


It would be great if this became the trailer for a feature TV or film series.