The Short Film Thread


Every now and again I enjoy watching shorts, and we have most other threads under the sun, so why not one devoted to shorts? I’ll get it started:


Dunno if this classifies as a short, but alas:


I would, because nothing as of yet has said it was going to be made into a full feature film. I’d love if it was!


I don’t think I have ever watched a short film before :confused:


I think this counts.


Here are some:

Big feels on this one.


A classic!

Another really good one. Noire esque. The ending though…


That reminds me of this old classic:



[Warning. Backwater is quite bloody and violent]


Backwater Gospel is the best!


A short film about the story of a sentry and an engineer :cry:


Good choice with Cargo.

The Gate: WARNING: DO NOT WATCH PAST 6:45! It turns it from a well made horror piece to a hamfisted PSA.

ABE: A good psychological piece. It inspired me to make my first piece of horror writing.

The Silent City: Some may find it’s quiet tone and little action boring, but I like the way it leaves things to the imagination.

The Gift: Another one with much left to the imagination. From what we can see, it’s like if I, Robot was set in 20th century Russia.

Ruin: This one has more action to it for those who want that. It’s like Fallout if it diverged from the modern day rather then the 50s. And its being adapted into a movie, so that’s nice.


I forgot about Ruin, that was really really good.


Sooo many of these are good:


Bird on a wire
Checkers game
Luxor jr
My fav




I remember that second one. The ‘twist’ felt a bit weak, I think they could have left behind a few better clues but was still a good one.


Did she just not know how long she was searching or what?


Thats what I was thinking. It didn’t feel like it was setup well, OR that he grew up so fast. However, it was overall really good that I can overlook that :slight_smile: