The Shakal


Ok so my idea of a monster is called the shakal. (Characteristics):Born by rotten flesh and bones of its most recently defeated enemy,the shakal was originally born in the water until evolution forced its new stage to land. The shakal is a not so close family member of the kraken using water attacks and piercing bone like spines to attack and kill its enemy’s. It can camouflage best in the little swamps found in some maps. It can easily by tracked when found, with slimy footsteps creeping around. When u look directly face-to-face with the shakal, your worst nightmares finally come true, death instantly.

(Ability1):It hides up in the trees or under the water waiting for its prey then stikes with its sharp beak of death and destruction. Don’t worry if your bones shatter its teeth, for it will replace the broken spots with yours.

(Ability2): The shakal shoots a hot beam of water through its mouth and burns a deep hole straight through the hunter the fourth time it is used on you.

(Ability3): The shakal uses its teeth to enlarge and shoot out at you, stabbing straight through you, as your life flashes before your eyes.

(Ability4): It has a goo like substance that it forms on its feet so no footprints will be spotted. Once it does that ,the track is over and the run begins.

(Evolution1):The same as shown above, with spikes beginning to form.

(Evolution2):Its spikes on its back and legs grow larger and sharper. Its head grows longer and more deadly. Its abilitys grow more affective, also with a hint of poison by its goo as it meles you.

(Evolution3):It is bigger in size and damage and can kill you in less hits. The shakal now has the ability to spawn miniature versions of itself that replace broken parts of the main shakal with their own body parts. Now the shakals spikes are way bigger and his head is longer than ever.

Also it attacks you with its main front arms and its scorpion like tail…please like and comment more ideas to improve the shakal. THX!!:ok_hand::grin:


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I really like this idea so please feel free to share more!