The selfish support


So I noticed a pattern with the hunters where the trapper and assault focus the monster while the medic and support focus on their teammates. However there is one support that breaks that trend, Bucket. Hank has a shield to protect his teammates, Cabot has his damage amp to buff his teammates damage, Sunny has a shield and a jetpack booster, and Kala has her teleporters. Bucket is the only support that focuses the monster, so I feel that something should be added to his abilities to actually help out his teammates. I suggest that his turrents should affect hunters when there at a certain range like probably increases their jetpack recharge speed or something else. And for his UAV whenever it spots the monster and crashes whenever a hunter goes to the crash sight it gives the hunter a certain perk idk just some suggestions


Bucket is an offensive Support, he shouldn’t be focusing his teammates, unless the medic needs a cloak to get out of a tough situation.


I know he’s an offensive support so is Cabot but that doesn’t mean he still can’t support his team like every support should.


I suppose his UAV is that which helps the hunters


He’s supporting the team by providing additional damage.

And if it’s Laz, he’s punishing the Monster for body camping.


What Haze said. His ability to help the team is his UAV.


It’s like you didn’t even read what he said. Plus he does in a way help his team mates. He can spot the monster with the UAV so your team mates know here it is and set up his turrets in a way for hunters to run to.

Edit: Not saying he’s good at it, its just what he should really should be intended to do.


Well yeah I guess that’s right but I’m just saying he’s the only one that indirectly supports his team and there’s other supports that do a better job


But other supports don’t provide area of denial… And I’m pretty sure Cabot falls under that, too.


So you think that area denial is a great way to support your team


Yep. Great help.


Well yeah it is but his turrets die pretty quickly I mean markovs mines do a better job and so does Hyde’s grenade


Yes, it is. Denying an area is a great move. Bucket keeps up the pressure on the monster with his UAV to help his team.


Of course the assaults are better, their job is to deal the most damage.


Yeah you guys are right I’m just upset bc every time I pick bucket in competive play people always say pick someone else and hes my favorite support. Just want him to be more reliable


Hey hey. Don’t let people dictate who you can and can’t play as.


I don’t agree with the change suggested. Bucket is offensive, so is Cabot. Bucket is the only real support with deployables that he has to constantly be on top of while facing the Monster.

He shouldn’t be focused on his teammates unless he’s using cloak or UAV.


Cabot focuses the Monster. Yes, Damage Amp is helpful to teammates, but he uses it on the Monster.


Bucket is a surprisingly good support, especially if your Trapper is lacking a little bit in the finding department. Then the Sentry Drones are surprisingly good in ambush situations, and when you want to keep a Monster away from an incapacitated team mate. They are also surprisingly good against eggs that have had the armor broken. Then his Guided Missile Launcher is a pretty decent damaging weapon that can hit anything if you keep his laser on the target. So he may not be able to shield Hunters or boost damage but to me he is a cross between a Trapper and an Assault that can cloak injured Hunters. Plus he has great dialogue, who doesn’t like the Bucket banter?


Bucket about area denial?

Half a year ago maybe, now he’s more of a passive damage boost.