The Science of Monsters - A Theory on Origin and Intent [Updated after Matthew's second story livestream]


When I heard that dialogue referring to an old man’s voice, I immediately related that to the Hive Mind (obviously, that’s a very general statement. Allow me to explain). If we go back to the fact that the monsters understand and speak our language, we need to simply ask: how?

My theory is they didn’t understand until Kala. The very second that Kala’s mind connected with the Hive Mind, that opened a communication channel. Instantly, Kala and this Hive Mind had access to each other’s minds. It could be possible that, since the Hive Mind is so adept at controlling multiple beings at once (ie. The Monsters), it can read all of the data stored within Kala’s mind and has immediate access to it. Kala probably doesn’t have this ability because she lacks the experience. It is possible that Kala has access to all of the Hive Mind’s information, but does not quite know how to access it. Thus, Kala only knows what this Hive Mind is directly sending to her and wants her to know.

Still following? Coolio. Now, when analyzing an unconscious Kala, we learn through Abe that she is chanting, working through complex mathematics, and even speaking. But, she is not speaking. Now I know, “Wait, you just said she was speaking in her sleep”. I don’t believe this to be the case. Kala is connected to the Hive Mind. This means that there is probably no way for either the Hive Mind or Kala to block communication now that they have been connected. Anything that the Hive Mind actively “broadcasts” to the monsters, also goes to Kala.

Anything that the Hive Mind actively “broadcasts” to the monsters, also goes to Kala.

The Mathematics: this is likely the Hive Mind going through the calculations to send the transport pods (eggs) to our dimension through Cherenkov Space.

The Chanting: what is a chant? “A repeated rhythmic phrase, typically one shouted or sung in unison by a crowd”. This could be proof that the monsters are ritualistic, thus bringing a spiritual, superstitious card to the table. Maybe even the Monsters have their own belief system.

The Voice: this may just be the actual voice of the Hive Mind portrayed through Kala’s physical form. When the Mind speaks, it does so by broadcasting a message to all of its connected beings. Kala, unconsciously, speaks the information that is broadcasted to her.

Edit: Omg sorry for the wall of text! I just typed this out quickly.


I don’t know any more than you all, but my interpretation is that the “old man’s voice” doesn’t literally mean a human old man. I think the alien consciousness that speaks through Kala isn’t adept at handling her human vocal cords, and the rough noise that comes out sounded like an old man to Abe.


I follow, and I totally agree. No question that kala is taking almost constant bombardment from the hive mind. We definitely hear this when she is downed. The exact quote is:

[Kala] All that lives, dies! Life is order, but all is chaos! It must be!
[Kala] The boundary of stability is wrong! We are the universe righting itself!
[Kala] This is a false vacuum! We are the catalyst for conversion!
[Kala] We will nucleate a true vacuum! This abnormality will be erased!

I think the word I needed to hear in your assessment is ritualistic. I was so busy going into the meaning of these words that I never realized how cultish they sound. That said, they don’t have the rhythm of a chant (though typed out it looks like it could). I suppose it is hard to make a call without knowing what she was chanting in her sleep, but it suggests that monsters have some sort of culture perhaps? It is hard to say.

The old man thing still gets me though. Even when kala spits out these lines, her voice is her own. Mad, but still hers. Not an old man. It could be that she’s less far gone when downed than asleep, but it is still quite a jump. I don’t know what it could mean.

EDIT: ArPharazon has a point! It’s just hard for me to get an idea of how altered it is without hearing. There’s also a big chance I’m severely over-analyzing looking for a new clue :stuck_out_tongue:

All that said, I 100% agree with the hive mind. That is specifically what makes Kala so interesting. It gives us a glimpse into the monsters, and the monsters get a far greater knowledge set from humanity. They definitely know what kala knows now, (Caira has great dialogue on this), and considering that Kala is one of the smartest humans in the Evolve universe, that means a lot.


I was leaning towards the voice just being her vocal chords not suited to produce the monster’s voice but it sounds like Matthew stated the “old man” in a way that was supposed to be significant so now I have a couple theories:

1.-The monster’s manifestations really are psychologically derived from the human’s minds-

Granted I don’t know much of Kala’s backstory I haven’t gotten to Matthew’s post on it yet so anyone can correct if I’m wrong. This ones kind of a stretch but it goes along with that theory that the monsters are fabricated from the human’s nighmares and psyche.

If the monster’s base themselves off of our nightmares and thoughts than maybe, now that they have access to Kala’s psyche and memories, they’re using a figure from her past to influence her.
Maybe there’s a somewhat older male (Father, Mentor,…Lover?) that was very very significant to Kala either in a positive or negative way and the Hive Mind is trying to utilize her memory of that person to manipulate her.

What we’re hearing (well what Abe’s hearing I guess) could be just the early stages of the Hive Mind starting to use this tactic or maybe Kala’s been having this mind battle with this figure from her past all along and it’s just coming out in her sleep the more it gets to her. Down the road as the Hive Mind plays these games with her it could create some very interesting internal conflicts with Kala that could go down so many different roads.

I don’t know if I like this theory cuz it has more of a “criminal mastermind” vibe to it and I don’t believe the monsters are that way. I think their mentality is more intellectual than emotional and they just see us as errors or impurities that need to be corrected instead of “I want to cause them suffering and agony”

Like I said I think this one is very farfetched and I’m way overcomplicating things but it’s just a theory I thought of.

2.-The Monster Hierarchy-

This ones ALOT simpler. Since, it’s been stated that the monster Kala is turning into is a Kraken, maybe Kraken’s are simply just the “old guys” of the monster dimension (Hey the face tentacles kinda look like a beard right? :laughing:).

Someone stated that the monsters do have a hierarchy and that Goliaths are like the young buck infantry while Krakens are the wiser more tactical-minded generals almost. Since Kala can’t see out of her Kraken eye we can conclude that it could be becoming its own seperate entity and mind (also being connected to the Hive Mind) that will eventually just completely take over Kala unil she is wholly consumed.

The old man voice could be the Kraken becoming more dominant and whatever the monster’s version of “aged” is (Since their origin is of a higher dimension time may affect them differently) translates over to our dimension as an old man and that’s just how it comes across through human vocal chords and language.

I apologize if this is hard to read or seems not very put together I’m currently at work and am constantly leaving to go do something so my thoughts might not be very well connected. Anyways,I’m really just shooting in the dark here with both of these and don’t expect anyone to actually read this wall of text or take it seriously, just throwing ideas out there.


As an aside, it annoys me how many times I’ve seen the movies depict a personality swap by having the voice follow the personality, if you know what I mean. Like, you can tell which personality is speaking from the body because the voices swap too. It’s lame.

I mean, the idea of swapping personalities at all is dumb in my opinion, but I’m willing to let it slide, suspension of disbelief so we can have a movie. But your voice is produced by a physical apparatus, and your mind and speaking habits would have only a minor effect on that.


I hate that they did that in the Harry Potter 2 and 7 movies. Really grated on me.


You mean when people were using Polyjuice potion? That didn’t bother me, I just assumed the transformation didn’t extend to the voice. Although it does change even physical size… magic… hand waving


Haha in the books it did affect voices. I tend to be a purist for smaller details like that.


Me too. They probably went that way to reduce viewer confusion.


They don’t give people/kids enough credit.


So the monsters are trying to blow up our dimension. Aka nucleate a true vacuum. What their intent is pretty simple actually. Their trying to terra-form the entire universe to their own liking.

Cause I believe not only their pissed at us, but they want to claim our dimension and terra-form it to their desire. Literally they hate everything about this dimension. They hate that its physical and organic. So what are they going to do? Terra-form this dimension so they can have peace.

Its interesting really, cause they also go after Patterson tech. Which I believe is a key to causing an universal cataclysm. Cause lets be honest I don’t think creating an organic life-form to absorb the entire universe won’t be effecient and quick, but that would be some nightmare fuel right there.

(also pls don’t post pictures of it… I don’t want to be disturbed.)

But the old man voice thing is interesting. Maybe and I think maybe someone pulled a galactus back story trope.

but idk


I have nothing to really add to this discussion (I’m terrible at theories), but god damn is this interesting. Hopefully Abe could elaborate what the “Old-Man-Voice” said through Kala?


I just realised that if this theory is correct, then the plot of evolve is EERILY similar to an RP a few of my friends and I worked togeather on.
Like… Srsly.
It’s creepily similar O.o


In relation to the monsters ultimate goal, here’s a video that explains the actual process of vacuum decay.


I think “aliens ending the universe” has been a thing for at least 100 years, check out pretty much any lovecraft cthulhu mythos.
It’s all interdimensional doom being plotted against us.


OOHH! I love these guys. I can’t wait to watch this when I have some time later!


Dude, the monsters of H.P. Lovecraft aren’t interdimensional. A few are, but most are from the universe the stories take place in.
And I wasn’t referring to Interdimensional beings ending the universe, I meant creatures from another reality creating bodies to invade a different universe/dimension.



I first thought that Evolve doesn’t have much to offer in terms of lore and Shear’s timeline through the different eras (Pre Evacuation - Post Deepest Dark). But hooooolllly shiiiit this simple monster backstory is more than enough to keep you thinking…

I have never read something more intriguing in my life… The next best thing would be Dark Souls fan theories…


Wait until you get the entire hunter side of the story. I’ve been methodically picking through the dialogue website and there is waaaaay more there than I had previously thought. It’ll take a while to finish, but I intend to post a specific order to listen to the dialogue along with a full summarized timeline.

I’d say the core game (like everything through the first evacuation through kala) is insanely story rich if you know where to look. I would say that Evolve really does use the same contextual story techniques as dark souls, but in a fast paced multiplayer shooter it is far easier to miss.

Like, I’m starting to suspect there is even what could be called a canon set of hunts that lead to specific realizations and narratives. I’m working on stuff, but there is actually a ton of dialogue that is map specific, and character specific, AND timing specific that actually reveals a lot.


This is all awsome.