The Science of Monsters - A Theory on Origin and Intent [Updated after Matthew's second story livestream]


And this, kids, is why you don’t go messing with other dimensions…
Joking aside, you have no idea how happy I am to finally know the full story!


Spooky laz rezes this dank thread.


HI just finished reading your post and I have a question.

If monsters don’t die in our dimensions and in their own they are “immortal” as you and Kala pointed, do we even have a chance?

It’s obvious that if the writers somehow count all games played in the history of Evolve and use the results to write the story humanity would be innahilated
(every 10 games one win XDDD) but even if they don’t and The Crew create a weapon that instantly “kills” the monster, they would just come back. As you pointed, the monsters struggle to keep their physical bodies here, but their hate is bigger and possibly endless. At the other hand, our universe is, well, EVERYTHING we got!

“An endless battle is an end to one of the sides”

I saw this passage in a book I was reading and now that I think of it, it makes sense!
What it means is that if two sides of a battle are equally powerfull (or in our case one can possibly have the upper hand, but the other is immortal) one will prevail because the other don’t have that much TIME. So it’s just a matter of time to the monsters finnaly destroy The Crew. Unless… They tale it to the source (XDDDDDD) . Humanity’s best shot would be finding a way to KILL the monsters on their own dimension (cherenkov space), or basically just killing them at first place. If your theory is correct or just the hive mind part, Evolve should have missions in outer space with a giant eye spamming Wraiths on them ( even tho they don’t have a physical form there and bla bla bla)

Anyway that’s just my theory, an Evolve theory! Thanks for reading.



Nope, they can just delay their death.


Well, my guess would be that the best bet at actually winning against the monsters would be to find a way to prevent them from coming back via eggs. The unknown factor is how do the eggs get there. If it’s just a jump from Cherenkov space, that’s gonna be hard to prevent.

I think the key here though is that The Crew’s primary mission is to get people off the planet to relative safety, then get off the planet themselves to reassess the problem with better resources and banking. That’s a fight that can be won.

Also, old thread is very old. XD


It’s not that old, plus it’s awesome! It should be a nonunpinnable-pinned thread.


I finally found the time to read this… wanted to all the time but never had the chance and the time…finally…

well good sir I thank you for writing all that out and assembling all story parts to one whole theory that in itself makes a lot of sense aaaand also somehow interacts with the initial concept of the unknown origin of the monsters…

well written and understandable…also this is the reason why I love Evolve…
it’s not just go to point a and get something to point b…
the lore is hidden…parts here and there that the community tries to find and tries to make a whole picture out of it…
and again…thanks TRS…
also thanks @Takran for collecting everything to that point and writing it all out…


Okay! some new and fun developments! I just had time to catch up on the story time livestream with @Matthew - Thank you so much for featuring this thread so prominently in your discussion! I’m really honored that you liked it so much! And even more than that, thanks for dropping that breadcrumb of a hint for the details I have overlooked.

Before that though, here is a little TL;DR for my theory for those just joining us. My theory is that monsters are upper dimensional organisms that exist in Cherenkov space. Humans got their attention by making FTL jumps through Cherenkov space on the way to the Far Arm and planets like Shear. They craft bodies to inhabit our third dimensional reality, which both evolve and decay at insane rates. They have a genome that partly inhabits their bodies in our reality, and part that exists in Cherenkov space. When a monster dies, it’s body collapses and its mind returns to Cherenkov space where a new body can be crafted. They share a hive mind, and are all trying to target Patterson technology used in starships and colonial installations in hopes of causing a catastrophic failure that results in vacuum nucleation - the end of our reality as we know it. This is likely due to a severe aversion to the nature of our reality and existence.

For those of you who didn’t watch the livestream, the hint dropped is a particular piece of dialogue from Abe about Kala that holds some key revelations. I’ve looked it up, and transcribed it below:

[Abe] That Lady’s crazy, Jim

[Parnell] Kala? I dunno, I thought so. Maybe not. Maybe she’s braver than all of us.
[Abe] Yeah. Yeah you say that because you don’t bunk under her. She talks in her sleep.
[Parnell] You oughtta be used to girls talking in their sleep, Abe.
[Abe] Man, I am not joking. You need to hear this stuff, I don’t think it’s her talking.
[Parnell] What?
[Abe] It’s like mathematical formulas and shit. And chanting.
[Abe] And sometimes, I shit you not, it’s an old man’s voice. Like a different voice.
[Parnell] [Sigh] Nothing’s ever easy. I’ll talk to Cabot.
[Abe] Well you better hurry. Whatever’s happening to her is getting worse.

I didn’t find a followup conversation, but this still strikes me as weird compared to most of the stuff I analyzed. So the key points I see are:

  • Kala talking when she isn’t conscious - we already saw and analyzed her downed dialogue, so I think this is covered
  • Sleep math - makes sense. Math is what gave us more than half the answers I compiled in my theory
  • Chanting - Okay, this is where things get weird. What the heck? Chanting isn’t so much scientific. Chanting strikes me as something more…cultural? I don’t know a better way to put it. One of the first things to come to mind is something cult-ish, likely because of all the Cthulhu jokes in this thread.
  • She speaks in the voice of an old man - when I first heard this I thought it was just monster voice, but the more I think about it, the weirder it is. Old man voice is oddly specific, and it also is very distinctly not the voice she uses when downed. I think this could very well be something else entirely.
Click this to see the only conclusion I can come to.... IT WAS HANK THE WHOLE TIME!!!

Okay, but for real, I have no clue what to make of this, so I thought I’d ask your help in puzzling this out! I want to hear the community’s thoughts on this, because I have no idea. The way it was mentioned in the stream, it was heavily implied that this clue holds some big implications! Okay fellow theorists - what do you make of this?!


old man voice? hmmm, i’m not sure. If they have descend into the lower dimensions in the physical form, is there some possibility a human could have ascended? Maybe an accident(or intention) caused a person’s…i don’t know, essence, mind…etc to become trapped in cherenkov space, while their body was destroyed.


It is an interesting thought. The one thing that comes to mind is the Kala dialogue from the gorgon release teasers. She hypothesizes that monsters quite literally are crafted from nightmares and the human psyche. Combine that with all of Caira’s initial hypothesies of the monsters being fabricated, and it would be possible to make a strong argument that humans did something to cause all this.

EDIT: also, for some reason, all this thread’s detail dropdowns have become stuck open. I have no idea why. Sorry for the readability flop! It seems to be working perfectly in the preview plane somehow. @codinghorror , any idea what would cause that?


This would still call in to question their intent, or i guess the reasoning behind their intent. Why would they limit themselves to the forms they take now? If they are some sort of amalgam of the human subconscious given life, why do they have such a specific goal? I’m not sure, maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way.

On the chanting, i’m also unsure, though the monsters have been to other planets before, a cult could have formed between their original appearance and Kala’s arrival. How they would somehow be speaking through Kala is beyond me. Would that mean they are somehow accessing cherenkov space? Is cherenkov space the only place the monster’s consciousness have access to? More questions, and i’m not really competent enough to ask the right ones.

Edit…also, why eggs? Just thought about that. It’s like they have some kind of…i don’t know, style. Is it affectation, some kind of symbolism, why are their gateways eggs?


I’m not seeing this issue.


I mean people always say Kala is turning into a monster, but some dialogue kinda says that there’s a monster growing INSIDE of her, hence why she’s blind in her Kraken eye.
Maybe that’s why there’s an old man voice.
MAYBE what ever is talking/chanting is what’s seeing through her Kraken eye!


Right? I have more questions than answers all of a sudden. Quite the roller coaster!


Yes. This is why I want Evolve to be a success, or one of the reasons anyway. I want Matt to really dig into this, if he wants to anyway.


I have an idea for that one. I think the eggs are a genetic slurry that allow the monster to choose form as they enter our state of reality. Since the genome is always changing, the body would need a method to know what biological components to consistently make. By using eggs, it allows the monsters to say “okay, I’m going to spawn as X species” before hatching.

EDIT: Me too on the above post. I wanna see more characters and more exploration of the universe TRS has crafted. It has some of the best sci-fi vibes I know!


Do you think these egg gateways are what is limiting the forms they are taking? From a fiction standpoint I mean. If they are only now showing up, mayhaps someone found a way for them to come to our dimension. We’re responsible for pissing them off with FTL travel, and someone opened the door? I really ought to reread the entire theory above. It’s been so long, i’m sure there’s stuff there I’m not thinking of.


Maybe it’ll come out of her Chestburster (from the Alien films)-style.


Ultimately yeah - I’d go with stabilizing more than limiting, but I’m fairly sure that’s why eggs.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if somebody else is involved. I had assumed that the monsters were intelligent enough to design themselves. I mean, maybe the chanting is part of their culture? but the old man thing throws me. No idea what to think.


Undoubtedly Matthew’s design. The edge of my seat is pretty much worn down from me being perched on it so long.