The Science of Monsters - A Theory on Origin and Intent [Updated after Matthew's second story livestream]


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There is still some mystery. As far as I can tell, there is some consciousness guiding the monsters native to Cherenkov Space, and it intends to destroy our universe by essentially shattering the stability of our reality’s energy state. Whether that guiding force is one abstract formless thing, or a whole race of outer-dimensional species with their own homeworld in Cherenkov space, or whatever is all up to interpretation so far. There are still mysteries to be seen!


Back to the lore… maggie said that there was a monster laying eggs on Factor, in this case transportation pods. Does it mean that without that monster, the other monsters can’t get to that planet without the egg-layer?


This is actually one of the most misquoted lines in evolve. Maggie says that the monster “makes other monsters” not “lays eggs”. She is making a reference to The host, a monster scrapped in development:

It canonically exists in Evolve’s universe and played a hand in the fall of Factor along with Behemoths. The Host was scrapped because it’s minion spawning mechanics had some AI problems that weren’t very fun. The line is there as a nod to the development of the game.

As for how the eggs get where they go, nobody has actually ever witnessed an egg showing up. My guess would be that they essentially teleport in through Cherenkov space the same way we see the hunter’s evac ship port in during the pre-evacuation cutscene.


Honestly, bravo. This whole thing is amazing and has rekindled a love for Evolve I haven’t had since launch. I love how so much of this has good evidence to back it up, unlike so many of the theories I’ve seen here that jump to strange conclusions.

Based on this theory, how do you think these other-wordly beings have figured out how to make three dimensional monsters? Is the quote from Kala to be believed that they come from our nightmares? Or, to be more precise, do you think the beings have seen into human minds and used our fears to create their instruments of destruction?


This part is tricky. And actually gives me an idea on some reading I can do to flesh things out more.

To get things rolling though, I’d assume that monsters operate as a superorganism, like ants, bees, termites, etc. There is an overarching hive mind that determines overall goals, but each monster is an individual. To what extent, I have no idea! yet…

My best guess of how the monsters get bodies, I think there is a genetic soup in the eggs that is activated by this hive mind. Something is sent in, and the body is rapidly assembled. The hard part is, fourth dimensional shapes don’t exactly work in three dimensions. I think this is why some component of each monster is exclusively held within Cherenkov space.

I think it is always easier to reduce dimensions instead of increase them, so for simplicity, imagine trying as a 3D organism to manifest in flatland among hypothetical 2D organisms. How would you even start? Well, I’d make some sort of vehicle that can handle carrying out my intentions and pilot that from outside. I think the monsters are not much different.

This also makes me wonder what happens to humans traveling through Cherenkov space. I will have to do more reading on how 3D shapes handle being in 4D. Hypothetically, there would be an axis of space we have no component in, so to the monsters we’d be kind of like a shadow moving through space. Hard to say. I will have to do research next weekend maybe.

EDIT: as for the nightmares and mind thing, I have no idea - I don’t think being in a higher dimension effects perception of the human mind, but I have no reference to prove or disprove anything in that matter. I’d leave it to pseudoscience! At first it is probably just kala being a drama queen, but that said, they do have full access to her mind via the mutatd compatibility with the hive mind. If monsters didn’t already design themselves for nightmares, they probably will now.


so a lot of people skated around the idea, so what if the monsters themselves were the shadows? if they are 4th dimensional beings being “cast” to our 3d plane maybe thats why they supposed to be terrifing/monsters. shadow puppets can be made to look like monsters maybe the same idea here? because the shadow is 3d it could interact with our world too. far fetched but in speculation it could make sense lol


what if, like it was stated before, but what if the eggs dont teleport to their location, but it gets poked through? like that one finger reference someone made. like in cherenkov space, a monster is just very slowly pushing his claw through space and the egg slowly protrudes the earth? does that make sense?

im so sorry im not crediting the right people for their ideas/research. after reading all that and watching that video, my brain is northing more than meaty slushie


Wow. Excellent work. The organization of thought here is great. Thanks for posting this!


For all the science nerds, here’s a video that talks about the actual science of our “false vaccuum”, particles, etc. It’s more about the actual particles itself, but it touches on how the “vaccuum of space” actually has fields that create the particles that create all matter.


This blew my mind. Everything I thought about the monsters has become so much more than thinking they were strange visitors from an alien dimension killing and eating colonists. If this isn’t what Matt was leading up to, it better damn well be close! I can’t even think straight after reading all this, but it was truly amazing! Thanks for giving me a form of clarity on what the monsters are and what there motives may be. :grinning::+1:


This video is the best summary of particle physics I’ve ever seen. I am so glad you shared this :grin: And it is made even better that it is artistically centered on pigeons. :laughing: :bird: I’m totally sharing this with my friends.


I’m glad sharing it was beneficial to someone, most of all the author of this thread. I’d recommend checking out a few of their other videos, such as “What is Life?” and “What are Black Holes?”, especially since while reading your analysis of the story I kept thinking to myself “I think In-a-Nutshell explains this pretty well.” If anything, this series made it so I could follow along with the heavy “sciencey” parts of your explanations.


So if the monsters are essentially creating a body in order to exist in our universe then what would happen if you were to bring one back to life like Laz constantly wants to try. Would it bring back an animal with no cerebral cortex or would it “pull” whichever monster was occupying it back into it?

For that matter is the only way they can return to their world through death? Clearly they can come into our world at almost any time but it seems like they generally dont leave until they die or they wipe a planet. If the only way they could leave their body is through death then could you in theory trap every single monster into a physical form and essentially keep them locked in a cage (Trapped both in their physical form and in our reality)? Would that be ethical to do even though they’re hell bent on universe genocide?


I love this thread, I’ve read the first post several times, very impressive.


Is my theory of an giant amoeba good?


Does that mean it’s correct?


That’s quite the honor! Thank you! I do like a story that lets people put things together like this. It was a lot of fun! And even if we never get answers directly, it leaves me feeling satisfied.

I do have to ask though - is my train of thought relatively close to or along the lines of what you were going for?

EDIT: I totally get it if you can’t answer that. And either way, I’m glad people are enjoying it, and I’m glad I had a chance to do it.


Well, I could answer it, but that would be contrary to the spirit of storytelling that caused you to write this post in the first place!


It means if it wasn’t correct before it is now. :sunglasses:


I love this type of story telling TBH! A movie, game or book are better when part of it is left to our imagination.

We tend to imagine what we enjoy/like and it seasons a great story like salt on a steak.