The Science of Monsters - A Theory on Origin and Intent [Updated after Matthew's second story livestream]


Science is so amazing


Except there’s still many things we don’t know. Who’s pulling the strings? Why are they doing this? If we are to ever know the answer, then we will not know it today.



this probably the most legit theory I’ve heard thus far. Are they like 4th dimensional being being constricted to 3rd dimensional forms or something? Or is it not really that specific?


Pretty awesome seems legit thanks for clearing b things up


Wouldn’t be surprised if Japan had something to do with these monsters. The things they come up with…
Just kidding


It’s impossible to say since we don’t exactly have any fourth dimensional organisms to study at all. Pure science fiction means it could be anything!

In my own mind, they are just a species that exists in the void of Cherenkov space, and to function in our space they have to make bodies.

Like, ok, imagine some two dimensional life forms just freaking showed up one day, and we’re like “what the hell was that?” and tried to follow them back to 2D world. How would we manifest? Drawings? Shadows? I have no clue. That’s exactly what the monsters are doing to us. Only their weird thing is bodies.

Fourth Dimensional Geometry is the weirdest thing ever. Like, it is so weird, we can’t even see what it would look like. We can kind of almost half way imagine what that kind of geometry would be like, but only on the level of “what does a fourth dimensional shape look like casting moving shadow through three dimensions”. It’s the trippiest thing. Think of what a 2D scan of a 3D figure would look like. That’s what we can do for the fourth dimension.

For example, this is a fourth dimensional shape visualized in three dimensions with the “scan” analogy I made above:

This thing isn’t shifting. This is a single still shape moving through our plane of view. I can’t even explain it truly properly it is so weird! It makes for great reading material though. Definitely look into it if you enjoy this stuff!

EDIT: this looks like a banshee mine. I’m so happy.


More specifically I think it is rotating on a fourth dimensional axis. But I could be wrong. You picked such a complicated shape, do the cube tesseract next time. :wink:


You are absolutely right! That is a much better way to put it. Thinking above three dimensions makes my brain go mushy.

Good call! Found it:


Not necessarily. She’s still half human. Could be she understands what they are thinking, but she says it in English.

BTW I really love your essay. But nerds must quibble, right? :smiley:


That’s the stuff. I love watching that.

If you made an animated drawing of a 3D-rotating cube, the Flatlanders would say “what’s it doing, it’s so weeeird”


Quibbling is what makes nerds nerds! Do ALL THE QUIBBLING! :laughing: Plus, how else do nerd theories improve?

That is also a fair point. I assumed that because it happens in her sleep as well, she wasn’t actively articulating it, but she isn’t exactly asleep during the down phase, or using the voice of the “old man” Abe mentions. I think what matters most is that the monsters are able to convey complex ideas like that at all. That is not something I’d expect to hear from a kaiju!

EDIT: Yeah, all 4D stuff trips me out. It’s so much better thinking 3D to 2D then trying to extrapolate that upward. Still, it’s a brain twister. :stuck_out_tongue: a very fun brain twister.


Hehe yeah the language is irrelevant, it’s the thought that counts!


How about if you pushed your finger through Flatland? They’d see this round object appear out of nothing and grow bigger. I guess their scientists would have to question the conservation of mass/energy.

So if a fourth dimensional being poked its appendage into our world, maybe it would look like it just grew out of nothing? Probably look like an inexplicable hunk of stuff too.


That’s how I picture it. I’ve spent a lot of time this past few weeks watching MRI and HUFU operations at the hospital for my medical design class. Seeing the 2D images of the human body flicking by plane by plane is so strange at first - at least until you adjust your eyes to it. I imagine it is not hugely different. Interpolating that into 3D with space being the equivalent of the screen, I can get a terrifying image in my head of what that may look like.

One of my favorite analogies though is that of shadows. So when light hits a 3D object, it casts a 2D shadow, and when it strikes 2D object, it makes a 1D shadow. So by interpolation, does a 4D shadow project a 3D shadow?

Man, mind benders like this are fun. :laughing:


on a semi tangent, this is the best explanation of a hypercube I’ve seen. I’ll post it for anybody interested:




I’m not a fan of them being from an alternate dimension and intending to destroy the universe. I think it would be far scarier that in some freak of a planet forced the monsters to evolve to the state they are now. From some insane natural selection adaptability became a necessity. Perhaps they are not the most terrifying creatures their home world. Maybe they destroy the patterson tech so no other creature can learn from it, maybe they kill everything in sight so that nothing can kill them.


Yeah. Returning as always to the Flatlander analogy, if you drew a cube for them, they’d have to only try to imagine that it was a cube. The drawing isn’t the real thing. They could measure the angles on the drawing, and see that the angles aren’t all 90 degrees. But they’d have to try to imagine that somehow, there’s an object where all those angles really are 90 degrees and perpendicular. Even though “that’s impossible” from their view.

So when we see a 3D model of a hypercube, we have the same problem. We see it’s this distorted looking shape with funny angles. We have to imagine that what the model really represents is a solid, rigid object where every angle is 90 degrees and perpendicular to the others.


Finally got round to reading this. Although I do not get a lot of the science I understand to an extent that my mind is now blown. So if the monsters come from Cherenkov space what is it that actually produces them? Or is it obvious and I am not seeing it?

If this is unknown then I guess thats all part of the mystery.

EDIT- This sums up me for most of reading this