The Science of Monsters - A Theory on Origin and Intent [Updated after Matthew's second story livestream]


finished to read the theory
And now what the hell should i do with my life?

Amazing theory loved it. But i don’t want to exaggerate but i feel that at this point it isn’t a theory but logical facts since everything is true and seems to fit perfectly the lore.


You should also note that the monsters don’t actually want to be doing what they’re doing, and are being forced by a higher power to fuck shit up. This higher power is what speaks through Kala.


I think that whether it’s a higher power, or just a collective consciousness, is one of the things up for debate.


I’m glad you think so highly of it! :open_mouth: I did my best to tie everything together, but you never know what else may be revealed. We may find out, or we may not, who knows! For now, I’m pretty satisfied with this explanation.

and @SirKeksalot , I have no idea if the monsters are all part of one entity, or if they are separate entities working for the same cause or what even. :laughing: Whatever they are, I believe they exist in a higher dimensional nature we as humans inherently can’t understand. That said…


It could be both. They describe themselves with the “we” pronoun, so it may be some hive mind, or even a group of hive minds.

@Takran I’m fairly certain that Kala says that the monsters are in great pain, and they don’t really want to be there; mainly because they hate each other. I think that’s enough to say someone else is pulling the st–



Now its confirmed that poor Bob is even more sad :frowning:


Plot twist: cabot is the hive mind of the monsters


Plot twist: Cabot is also @Matthew


This actually imploded my brain


Plot twist: In case of implosion, look at implosion


Plot twist: Mammoth birds are the hive mind.


Plot twist: Cabot is a mammoth bird in a rubber suit


This type of implosion


reminds me of this:


That is perfect! And insanely cool to look at. I’ve never actually seen it before!


I thought that was the behind view of a guy with jeans taking a piss for a moment and I was a bit worried


As much as I love this,there are somethings that arent good in my eyes.

I mean,remember when we thought we were fighting as badass monsters and shit?

well now Monsters dont really mean anything,they´re just bodies,not true monsters,just puppets

different monsters,dont mean anything,they´re all the same

however I might be wrong,but after all,I still love this game


I like to think of there ethereal forms being like this.


You put together all the fragments into one conclusive whole. And Matthew commended you on it. Clearly you have uncovered the truth of it all.

Time to go stare at a corner and contemplate everything.


I do see what you mean, but I think there’s lots of ways to look at it. On one hand, yeah, this does make the monsters Cthulhu puppets, but each of the monsters are just as real as before the theory. They are unique enough to rip a hunter apart in their own specific way. They just have a common root far more closely than before expected.