The Scavengers of Shear: Carrion Bird & Trapjaw discussion


Have been thinking about this for awhile now, but have put off adding it until after the Hype for T4 died down.
Basically what i hope to achieve here is a centralized thread to discuss the pros/cons and possible changes to the RNG based scavengers of Evolve.
So to start off: Carrion Birds

  • Appear about 80% of the time( compared to trapjaws ) Must have open skies
  • Are based off an RNG limit. Meaning the chances of spawning birds increases every time the monster feeds.
  • Notify hunters wherever they may be on the map
  • Purpose as a gameplay element is to help hunters keep tabs on a elusive monster/ punish monsters for eating or wondering( batrays ) trivially.

Proposed changes:

  • Have a small grace period when the monster spawns birds. give the monster 5 seconds to put some distance between it and the kill. birds would now give the hunters an area to look instead of a pinpoint location.
  • Have the hunter notification have a “fan out effect.” the further away hunters are the longer it takes for the notification to reach them. rewards hunters for accurately tracking.
  • Killing carrion birds would reduce the amount of time the hunter notification is available.
  • Have the RNG limit be based on proximity of kills rather than a set number of them. makes sense that if a monster stays in an area for too long feeding it will attract birds more quickly than say a monster who eats one or two things and then moves on to another part of the map. Never made sense to me why 3-5 birds would swarm a single reaver but not a 3 mammoth bird corpse pile?
  • Straight up remove them from the game. While I not completely in favor of this I’m putting it here because im well aware of many people feeling this way.

Next up: Trapjaws

  • Only spawn when the RNG limit is hit in Caves or other places with no open sky.
  • 5-8 trapjaws spawn at once and will fight the monster or any other wildlife nearby for the kill.
  • Have a hefty amount of hp can be killed, pounced, and eaten. offer 1 meat.
  • Purpose as a gameplay element is to force weaker/ lower staged monsters from feeding or hiding in the safety of caves.

Proposed changes:

  • Slightly increase health and make trapjaws 2 meats. Trapjaws are bigger, meaner, and tougher than steamadons, who are 2 meats…also Daisy is a trapjaw and is a 2 meat. What this does is it gives trapjaws a duel purpose within the game. A weak or S1 monster who is looking for the safety and sanctuary of feeding in caves is now more effectively forced out due to stronger trapjaws, something that is kinda lacking in its current state. a stronger S2 or S3 monster can go to caves and hope to lure out trapjaws in order to fight them for the kill and get more worthwhile food in the process. What this does is entices the monster with a risk vs reward situation: should I stay here for awhile and take the time to fight off trapjaws to get 5-8 2 meats, but if i do, i have a better chance to be found by hunters.
  • Have an Alpha trapjaw (albino) who constantly howls as long as he has sights on the monster, alerting nearby hunters who are nearby.
  • Make it so Trapjaws have a chance to spawn instead of carrion birds out in the open.

So here are just some of my ideas feel free to add your own.


As a heads up, Trapjaws can and will spawn in open sky areas. So it’s not a penalty for eating in caves.


Another possible idea for the Carrion Birds is a small delay from the start of the game for them to spawn. Maybe until just after the Hunters actually spawn.

I like the idea of the Trapjaws being a bit beefier, but currently their role is the only real anti-monster wildlife. They do more damage to the Monster than a Hunter, they eat corpses, take a while to kill, and provide very little meat. If they are worth more, that might eliminate that purpose.


Really?, I have never encountered this. You positive it wasnt because there was some type of overhang? (trees, cliffs, wreckage, etc.) Either way it should happen more often.


Positive. Go ahead and hunt out on Fusion Plant in the swamp area. No overhangs and you can get them to spawn semi-regularly if you attack the reaver packs.


Doesn’t the swamp have tons of wreckage?lol a lot of it is hidden above the tree line and isn’t noticeable but it blocks a lot of open sky.


Nope, very tiny amount of wreckage and most of the time nothing spawns near it. You can chase striders to be under, but usually there is no animals there. You can still get the Trapjaws by going through Crowbill Sloth alley and then attacking the reaver pack right by the downed armadon as you go into the swamp.

Trapjaws tend to spawn more often when many things are killed at once, which is usually the case with 1 meats that you find in caves. I believe that is why you see them more often in caves tbh. Less high value meats are in cave areas.


I see, thanks for the clarification! if that is truly their intended purpose to spawn with mass killings that would be ideal if not already implemented ( similar to my suggestion with Carrion birds above.)


Ya, I hate trapjaws though :stuck_out_tongue: They are really good at preventing me from getting like 10 food at once :smiley:


When I see trapjaws, I see them as a buffet ^^
:goliath_roar:< :dog: :dog: :dog:


Trapjaws spawn when the monster kills things, carrion birds spawn when the monster eats things.

A monster following in the hunter’s wake will never spawn trapjaws, while the monster can spawn trapjaws behind it by killing things it passes while fleeing.

Trapjaws have to be relatively worthless because their point is to expose the monster through combat, and killing a pack is still a good 6 meats as it is, which if you aren’t at risk of hunter intervention is still a massive amount of food coming right to you.


But to make it worthwhile, you need to use aoe skills, because each has health that appears to be on the level of a Dune Beetle. Fighting a pack of Trapjaws is rarely worthwhile.


which is why they should be 2 meats


They are supposed to not be worthwhile, they are an anti monster system, and if it’s more valuable to kill them it turns into a free lunch, and adds to the anti hunter systems already in place.


Which are all the big wildlife :stuck_out_tongue:


they should be though. In my opinion, having 2 different wildlife that fulfill the same role is pointless, might as well not even have trapjaws at all. making them stronger at the cost of an additional meat would still not be easy, but potentially worth it if you can kill them quickly.


6 trapjaws, worth 2 meats each, is one mammoth bird short of a free stage 2, and is only 9 food short of a full stage 3.

That is an absurd amount of food, and the only option to make it not that much with them at 2 is to make it so fewer spawn, but this makes stealth pouncing them individually for free kills easier, which makes the risk and threat of a fight lower for a sill good reward, which means you have to really buff them up further to make them much tougher than the other big wildlife, which starts getting insane fast.

6 1 meat trapjaws that fight as a group and are tougher than most wildlife is a good challenge, enough to force the monster away if the hunters are around, but still worthwhile if you can kill them safely without hunter interference.

if you are doubling the reward you have to more than just double their stats, you need to make them so deadly that they are not worth fighting as a stage 3, which puts the hunters in the position of danger if the pack is between them and the monster, or the monster leads the hunters to the pack, and eats after the hunters leave.

Trapjaws punish the monster for killing lots of things, they are not supposed to be a reward you are trying to summon.


Every time they show up to knock me off of my food I silently vow to hunt them down and butcher them.

Trapjaws are the only reason I go Stage 3.


Hm I see your point. I was worried about that. well then for consistency sake, daisy should be a one meat lol


But they’re so cute. ^.^