The scariest horror icon?


Who’s your favorite horror character in terms of sheer terror? Personally, I feel that Leatherface is absolutely horrifying. He doesn’t have special powers or anything like Jason or Freddy, and he doesn’t need them to be scary.

He’s a cannibalistic chainsaw wielding psychopath who runs around without aim or purpose, screaming and chopping people up with his chainsaw. I mean, yeah, Jason is definitely a big contender, but he’s just not as crazy or unpredictable as Leatherface.

Also, Xenomorphs are cool.


I’d have to go with Michael Myers. For similar reasons you like Leatherface. He’s just a guy. Nothing supernatural about him, but he’s scary as hell.

Second would be Hannibal Lecter. He’s a villain we love to hate (and secretly root for). Being a genius makes him that much worse.


A cave full of zubats
As a kid, i had nightmares


my pick baybee.
Can’t trust your friends, can’t trust any living thing you see. Hell, you can’t even really trust yourself. My absolute favorite horror film of all time.


The Grudge.
I used to absolutely love these films back in the day, not sure whether I’d still find them all that creepy.
But there was something absolutely terrifying about this horrific entity, producing stomping sounds from the attic and then seeing… her gaze at you from the dark.

This film had some pretty good, unique kind of jumpscares. The ambience throughout is constantly frightening but whenever the titular “monster” appeared on screen I was nailed to the couch.


This guy

or this guy


Yep, definitely Hannibal Lecter >_<


Yeah Leatherface and xenomorphs are awesome love to use them in Mortal Kombat x xD

I really love freddie as Horror Character


I’m not talking about the Aliens in general, I’m talking about The Alien, from the first film.

The Alien embodied sheer terror, more than most creatures - it was symbolic of many things, primarily fears and feelings based on rape. We actually see that in its most disturbing, direct form in Lambert’s death scene, along with the overpowering, semi-suggestive way it would pin Parker. It required few petty jump scares and almost soley terrified the audience on presence and unpredictability alone.

Then James Cameron turned it into angry space-zombie cannon fodder. -sigh-


Just gonna leave this here :stuck_out_tongue:


Mr Torrence, here’s Johnny that guy is my favorite horror movie icon cause it’s not a ghost or a monster it’s just a man that’s what makes it scary.


I find that Michael is more Jason-like than Leatherface, mostly because he somehow ALWAYS ends up breaking out of jail. Always. Prison to Leatherface is dying to Jason. No matter what happens they always seem to bounce back, and I just find it… well, unrealistic! Everyone knows how dangerous Michael is, so the idea that he’s able to get out so much (and one time I even think he was put on parole!) is baffling to me.


I never saw The Thing movies, so I don’t really understand the concept of the Thing. Is it one singular entity that shape shifts into anything? Or is it multiple? All I know is that at the end of the first movie the black dude was totally the Thing, even though he already killed the huge dog monster mutant Thing guy already.


Favorite horror icon - Jason Voorhees

Most terrifying - probably characters like those from The Strangers because that’s actually possible. :scream:


Yeah, that movie scared me quite a bit. However, I don’t think I can honestly say that it’s truly terrifying, solely do to the fact that I was seven when I watched it. I’d have to watch it again to accurately judge that.


I find the long one don’t you dare post a picture of it. It’s a abomination of a parasite and its horrifying. I would rather deal with one xenomorph than that.


Yeah, Jason is cool. Don’t mistake my posts earlier for dislike, I do like Jason, and he is definitely scary. Leatherface to me is just more so.

The Strangers was the first “non-mainstream” (mainstream would be Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Chuckie, etc.) horror movie I’ve ever seen, and it was pretty good. I was on the edge of my seat watching it the whole time, and I actually got nightmares from it.


I think I’m gonna switch over to the “The Thing” side as well now that I think about it.

The Thing is simply this single entity that can shape shift into anything.
At no point can you really feel safe because there’s always the chance that the dude that’s been standing next to you for 2 hours and having normal conversations with you might suddenly transform into something horrific and kill you.


I know what the Long One’s are. They’re from Slither, right? Yeah, those things are crazy. Tbh though, all you have to do is close your mouth to beat them, am I right? They aren’t so bad once you figure that out.


Yeah, the Alien was terrifying. It’s just… I don’t find xenomorphs as scary as I used to. They’re cooler to me than scary.