The Savage Goliath Skin Trailer


A new trailer’s just been released for the savage Goliath skin, and it looks like there’s a few new maps and a new monster sound in the video. What do you think?




hard to tell.


Looks Sick


Cool! I’ve been waiting for the savage Goliath fro so long. It looks nice, the red glow. I’ll definately use it a lot. Also that does look like a new map. Much more…sunny and green. Maybe the regular Goliath is good for dark maps but then the Savage skin is for sunny maps?


I love the entire trailer…especially the footprint in the beginning reflecting the TRS logo, and the nice facial Goliath has near the end. Overall, loving the skin as well…and interesting it’s a unique patterning, unlike the very symmetrical look of say, a tiger. I wonder…will Kraken get a skin as well down the line in green? Red and black Goliath is my baby!


That was awesome. I’d say that’s a new map, looks desert-y and badlands like.


I prefer first goliath skin, but savage skin is awesome !


No love for Kraken :frowning:


There might actually be 2 new maps in there. Pause the video at 01:01 and go through frame by frame, it doesn’t look like the Distillery. Does anyone agree?


Yes you are right the map is different,
But Before I Would Prefer hear what the devolopers have to say


I have been waiting to see this in action!!! I love the look of it.

Also, I agree, those maps do look unfamiliar to me. I’d say @Plaff is right - one desert biome and one tundra biome.


Even if it’s not a new map it’s definitely a daytime shot during that leapsmash. I doubt they’d totally mess with the lighting for one quick shot.


look at that logo! how is that not goliath XD


Yeah I was gonna say it looked like more than one map in there. I saw couple maps I recognized, but maybe two I didn’t. Really good find!


Hopefully some of the maps teased in the trailer will appear in the Big Alpha :slight_smile:


That would be really cool! I was pumped to see a sunny map! That will put a whole new spin on sneaking :slight_smile:


There seems to be a bigger emphasis on shadows in that map, which is good to see for sneaking purposes.


A map in broad daylight… that won’t be easy for the monster


Goliath BRING IT ON!