The sad part is


When u buy a Xbox one to play the evolve beta :frowning: just started playing some games on it.

Even though the beta isn’t coming till September ( Not Confirmed but makes sense )


You bought a console system just for a single game? I mean, I think like the PS4 the Xbox One has plenty of decent games on it, but do I hear you right in that you admitted to buying it just for Evolve? Well it’s a good thing you’ve found other games to play on your Xbox One, at least.


I have to admit I bought a PC for this, after years of being a Playstationkid (boo no backwards compatability), because the demo at Manchester Comicon was incredible.

That said, I’m sure I’ll be able to find other uses for a computer that isn’t a three year old laptop.


hehe well i buyed the Xbox Orginal and Xbox 360 just for the Halo series and will buy Xbox one to continue the Halo series ^^


But its coming out on the ps4. So in a sense u bought an xbox just to play a beta lol. And ps4 may get a beta after xbox does. So u jus did that for nothing lol. Unless that was ur choice anyway


Ps4 isn’t getting a beta Xbox did this.

Hey here some money ( A lot of money ) so don’t give ps4 beta blah blah they may both be same fps and 920p or 1080p so the Xbox dose’nt look like a piece of **** i doubt there will be a ps4 beta

It may get a beta but nothing has been announced so i doubt it :smile:


Also went next gen for this game…


I got a Gamecube solely for SSBM and it turned into a great investment in the long run. I’ll be buying a PS4 solely for Bloodborne, and I already have at least three other games that’ll make it worth the buy(Evolve, Destiny and Dragon Age).

Of course they’re not console locked but after being a Nintendo fanboy, then a Microsoft fanboy, I figured it was time to jump on the Sony train :stuck_out_tongue:. Though I’ll probably build a PC to offset some of those PC/XBone exclusives.


I’m actually getting a PS4 just for Evolve. I wasn’t interested in going next-gen because there were no games that really interested me, but I suppose now that I’m gonna upgrade that lets me get the better looking version of games I was planning on getting for PS3.

I’ll probably buy Alien: Isolation, LBP3, No Man’s Sky (presuming that comes out before Evolve) and maybe Advanced Warfare. They should all be enough to keep me busy until February :slight_smile: