The role of the monster is disadvantaged


For those who wish to play the monster there are several issues but I will touch on two. First the maps that are problematic, size, too small for most of them, and shape of the perimeter to some of them that makes the hunt too easy for hunters. Second is the weakness of monsters, not robust enough and it probably comes from matchmaking.
I hope something better will come with updates !


Map size: Meh, there are maps of all sizes and configurations. Some benefit Monsters, some benefit Hunters… them’s the brakes of having diversity.

Monsters weak? Wha? Collectively? You’re not doing it right…


I disagree with you.

I play with friends as a team of hunters, we are coordinated and work well together. We can smash most monster players with ease.

however when we come up against someone who really knows what their doing we get a good game and it really is 50-50 as to who will win.

I do feel this game is superbly balanced and if your struggling as the monster you simply need more practice.


exactly. theres nothing more to say.
im just not sure if wraith is fine as it is now. for me its ok but wraith is pretty hard to fight if some of your teammates doing dumb shit. im talking about pub-matches with three random guys.


you’ve got a point there, the wraith does seem a bit OP. It does have counters in specific hunters abilities but with the instant traversal and super quick movement & very powerful supernova its never easy.

even rookies in PUG’s can dominate with the wraith as its almost too easy to use. Without a coordinated effort from the hunters wraith will always win.


This ^.

I hope that the upcoming balance patch makes it so that it’s the same for goliath/the kraken. It should take a co-ordinated effort to beat the monster. If 4 players can run around without any kind of communication or co-ordination and STILL win then it means that the monster is too easy. The wraith only needs one minor tweak in my view - UAV/tracking darts etc should stay on the real wraith after a decoy (which does kinda make sense anyway).

As it stands the wraith requires teamwork and co-ordination to beat, which is how it should be ^_^.