The rip-off thread


this is the thread of where you proclaim things are rip-offs of other things because of various reasons!

for those who don’t understand, here is an example!

[Blank] is a rip-off of [Blank] because [Blank]

I will start!

Evolve is a rip-off of real life because it has humans in it!


rip-offs are rip-offs of rip-offs because they are rip-offs


I like your example :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes are a rip-off off of others and I hate it. Sure share BUT DON’T USE IT AS YOUR OWN! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve really haven’t came upon any rip-offs


The #off-topic section is a rip off of the [Say something random threads] (Say Something Random 2)



I’m a rip-off of my mom because we have the same eyes!


yes, I have already lured 3 regulars into my trap!


my title decieves you. i’m an Irregular


Mastermind is a rip-off of me because his name has an A in it.


Atrinoch is a ripoff of me because he likes Evolve.


This ripoff thread is a ripoff of ripoffs because ripoffs are no longer ripoffs in the ripoff thread of ripoffs :smiley_cat:


Try saying that 2x fast


You just ripped off my joke from another thread, in the rip off thread!!!

Ooooooh I’m more steamed than steamed beats, which are kind of a rip off of steamed radishes, BUT THOSE NEVER CAUGHT ON.



That comment got seven likes. Since I’m a fiend for likes, whenever you use the term Irregulars you owe me seven likes. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m a rip off of that Lord_Pharaoh guy. He was cool.


He’s more of a slider tbh.


Remember that Mr_Zivkovic guy? I ended his business and started my own!


G-Force was a rip-off of my house because it had guinea pigs in it! :smiley:


Real Life is a rip off of World of Warcraft because I have to pay a consistent fee to keep playing.


Evolve is a rip-off of Call of Duty


why? 10peopleaskingwhy