The Ridiculousness in Ranked

Yeah, I’ve fought against a Gold Monster with a bunch of Silver-something teammates as well, wasn’t fun.
Nothing but the famous “Banshee-pounces” all day long to incap a Hunter in 5 seconds.

I don’t even want to think about how annoying it must’ve been if my team was at Bronze.
It seems to me that once you’ve had a couple of bad matches in a row, it’s practically impossible to recover from that.

Fighting Gold ESL hunters are Behemoth as an unranked monster was ridiculous… 9/10 wins on my placement, and I’m fighting gold? -.-

This should have been the expected outcome for anybody who has played other games with low playerbases. Every game I’ve ever played with skill based matchmaking “stops working” when the player numbers dwindle. You wait ages and eventually the system decides to match you with whoever because there’s too few people in whatever skill level you are at.

I’m not sure there’s a realistic way to stop this.

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Ranked is rubbish. I have played 15 games as monster and now have 2 losses and both of them where due to an error in the game kicking me out. I should have a 100% win ratio and be allot nearer the top of the bored. This is why ranking tells people nothing because of crap like disconnecting. SORT IT OUT TRS

Hey, that’s me in the first picture… the 4 of us are playing in a party. We do still ocasionally get a Determining Rank monster, but to be fair we do lose some of those games. Just because their rank is not determined it doesn’t matter they are bad.

We mostly face silvers or determine rank monsters. I don’t remember seing any bronze monsters, but we were never bronze rank so… Never saw a Gold player either.

the matchmaking seems to be broken imo, yesterday i was in a lobby with 3 bronze and 1 (me) with no rank. and guess who our monster was? i give you a tipp: he was GOLD. how can this be? it shows the matchmaking is broken. you cannot leave bronze when you keep being put into games with silver/gold.

Everyone was undeterminated rank once, even Deanimate. I see that Toaster has 30 wins one loose as monster and he’s in silver elite only. Casue he gets only +1 score by killing easy lowbie teams. Deanimate crashes hardcore well coordinated premades thats why he’s gold.

That would be nice and logical if only the points were consisted. Right now, it feels like points are random and do not correlate with the rank of your opponent at all.