The Ridiculousness in Ranked

Okay so I was so excited for Ranked to come out, when It came out It was good… At first… But then after it places me to Bronze, alright I was going solo so I knew I wasn’t going to get Silver. But now there should be a good amount of numbered players placed in a rank.
When I’m playing Hunter, my team is all Bronze/Determining Rank while the monster is Silver. How am I suppose to win if my team doesn’t know what to do. Yeah I know only way to win is have a coordinated team. In Silver, players shouldn’t even need mics but ATLEAST know what they are doing. Like Hank shielding, or Medic keeping everybody at full health. I’m the only one who’s keeping up with the Monster, cutting it off but with the Assault playing with a Tyrant and it ends up eating the Assault. Or Medic just wandering around while the the Trapper has 40% and Support has 65%.


How do you know the monster is silver?

I have the same problem, new or noobs hunter teammates and monster from higher ranks than ours.
enter link description here

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Yup hardly fair. Matchmaking must be bugged since TRS said monster rank is average Hunters ranks. But he’s two ranks higher. Where’s sense it that?

Ah, thanks. I havent actually got into an game yet so had no idea how you would see others rank…

4 Bronze Destroyers against a Silver Expert monster is not that bad, he’s only 2 divisions above you, maybe borderline one. Try playing a game with randoms and attempting to fight a silver destroyer monster, not fun!

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Ok, but he’s teammates might be total noobs, trolls or new players that dont know basics. I as silver skilled constantly queue with such “shitmates” recently :frowning: Frankly bots would be much better.

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…Medic died because Monster got them in a sneak pounce while the rest and I were inside the dome (Trapper didn’t drop dome but we got lucky monster got stuck in 2nd dome and died)
That’s bad…

thats the price you pay for not inviting your friends to your hunt 2.0 lobby.

#dont trust pubs no matter the mode


Another bunch of ridiculousness:

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Sadly true. Just see golden hunters. They all just queued with themselves.

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You shouldn’t need a team in Ranked, except in Gold which is mandatory. I’m pinging, monster attracted birds, like do people not hear any of this? I tried talking a few times, but none of them even listened, so it’s not point in trying to.

Yup experienced this tonight and just tanked my rank for hunter.

Just gotta realize this isn’t a “real” ranked mode because even those who are casually playing or learning are going to be in this mode too as it’s the only way to play hunt now.

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Gold skilled against bronze and 3 undetermined. That must have been massacre.

Its no point doing anything. You dome monster assault dont dmg it. You are assault trapper wont dome monster. Live is beautiful.


again i will say, get some friends… leave the pubs alone. if you just do those two things, your hunt 2.0 experience will be phenomenal :thumbsup:

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Exactly this happend. On S1.

Not enough players to properly match up each division with itself. Its funny, everyone wanted ranked match making, now its here, no one wants it because it will just tell you how bad you are instead of matching you with players of equal skill xD

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Thats why Im amazed that there is no signs of campaign to return players(I hope only yet) - sale, free weekends, press releases.

This MM is designed for high pop.


Yeah. I’m Silver 3 as monster, and I keep coming across Bronze hunters… I’m silver 2 on hunter atm, not really having that problem.