The Reverse Dome


Devs, please take my thoughts on this into consideration. I’ve categorized this in with bugs because from what I understand, that’s what you guys are classifying it as, and I think that if anything you should give us a new achievement for pulling off such an incredible feat. As the monster, I’ve been reverse domed in a game once before, and my thoughts were “Bravo trapper, bravo.” It isn’t breaking the game, it’s giving the trapper an opportunity to pull off a super clutch move, and it’s a move that requires a lot of skill and hard work to pull off. I’m ok with it, even as a monster player. I think it’s awesome :slight_smile: Please don’t fix it!


What do you mean by Reverse Dome? Is it the thing where Trapper leaves the dome area just before it gets fully deployed?


I believe so, I love it.


It’s being patched. It is not a bug, it is an exploit. It has been brought up fifty million times before.


yes, but this post is different, this one want the exploit to stay in the game :smiley:


Skill and hard work are spelled S.U.N.N.Y

I sincerely hope the topic was ironic.


It was slightly more difficult before the tier 4 hunters were released. Now sunny makes it super easy.


This is the problem.


@Commando_Wraith Won’t be a problem soon. ^.^


I did this the other day because me and my friends were dicking around against an elite Kraken. We were expecting it to come from one side of the dome, so I flew out of the opposite side. I was laughing at my friends who wanted me to let them out or come back in and fight. All the sudden I hear my buddy Mark scream…


Mother fucker sneak pounced me outside of the dome.



"I CAN’T!"

immense laughter erupts through my headset


I actually did not think about Sunny when I made this post, and she wasn’t involved in the match it happened to me on. But this is a valid point that I did not consider.


Immense skill, really? Even without Sunny, it’s toss your dome and boost boost boost.