The reason why I and many friends quit


This is for the Devs to understand the situation many people are in.

First of all my friends and I are all founders. I was really hyped when I saw that the game gets a relaunch.
I had the hope that they will improve all the flaws the “normal” Evolve had.
The Beta start was better that i ever could have imagined it. You were improving so many things and i was really glad that you have made this step. But after playing a while you were going steps back again.

I was so glad that when I play with my friends that we could be no more the monster but you changed it again and all the time some of my friends or myself was chosen to be the monster.

Another thing is that you make the chat better so that you can scroll up and just few patches later you change it again to the bad old version…

Another thing is that all the time leaves somebody the lobby because they dont get the Assault for example or the Trapper. Sometimes im waiting 30 min to play a game ( but thats actually not your fault but you could punish them).

One more reason why I leaved the game is that the game balance is such a desaster. After all the nerfs im asking myself always “Do you play the game by yourself?”. The monster is always oneshoting the hunter with a single spell and the hunter gets nerfed to the ground. I know balancing such a game isnt easy really i do but i think you should change the direction of balancing because this is impossible to play.

Maybe you will fall to 100 average player again if you dont change the way of the game. And now comes to worst part of all, the hacker… I have constantly Hackers in my lobby. All 4 hunters die in a blink of an eye or the monster disappears in front of your eyes and further more. I have reported plenty of these players and yes i have shown videos to prove their guilt.

Altogether it makes the game really difficult to play even tho it was my favourite game. and Im sad because I had some nice time in Evolve and Im not talking only about me. I have several friends with the same thoughts and as I have read many other people in the forums have the same feelings towards the game.

Please spear me with your “You are such a whiny shit” comments
Thank you


Guy says monster are to strong and that’s because he quit :confused:
How can someone convince you that this is not the case?

Play some monster, then give us your opinion.

Neither chat nor matchmaking took a step backwards.
Cheater are a rare occurrence after the banhammer dropped.

Your points hold no merit…

If you don’t like the game, that’s ok. Play something else but don’t spread falsness.



Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated, however we close down “goodbye” threads because they tend to generate less than constructive feedback from others, and usually descend in to arguments