The reason that people are hating on the DLC? The prices


15 dollars per monster is not that bad. But 7.50 per hunter is pretty gosh darn expensive. That said i do think that TRS should leave the monster race edition up for sale after the game releases. 100 dollars for all the planned dlc so far is a pretty good deal.


I think since most players only will play one class (or main it), 7.50 seems pretty fair. Plus, free maps which would of reduced the character cost, but separated the community.


I think they should make a big deal about releasing new game modes free when they are announced. That would help improve PR


if you play that bought hunter for 75 hours (pretty easy to do). then you actually paid 10 cents. if only people seen it that way. your money goes as far as you use it.


Back before the golden age of the internet/steam You’d buy a $50 full game with no further updates save maybe a patch or two. Sometime later you’d drop $30-40 for an expansion pack. That would include probably something equivilent to a handful more maps, maybe a game mode or 2, a new set of hunters and a new monster. That sounds like a pretty regular amount of content for an expansion pack.

The maps and modes are free, the characters cost money. The only difference is if you dislike part of the pay content you can just not buy it rather thanhaving to pony the full $40 for the whole thing and ignore one of them. It’d be like buying Brood War back in the day but hating playing protoss so you only pay $25 or $30 for just the Terrans and Zerg.


Evolve characters/classes are nowhere NEAR disparate or complex enough for good players to seriously limit themselves to just one, though.


Lol Golden age Lol Made my day!


Prices are high because 1: 2K needs a disparity with those who pre-order and those that don’t. 2: they are passing the risk of funding post-release content for an as-yet-unknown success/failure onto consumers. The ‘free’ maps and game modes have to be paid for. TRS are contractually obliged to deliver the content they are given a budget for by 2K, but the ‘free’ stuff can’t be quantified because it’s only if and when they have the time and resources. Hence there are solid numbers for paid content released for 2015, but not if it’s ‘free’.


I would absolutely never, ever limit myself to just one class. But I don’t know if I fully agree with the “nowhere near disparate or complex enough to…” part. I think each class plays quite remarkably different, esp if you’re really focusing on doing your role.
As but two small examples, I’m really good at cutting the monster off, but I never do that anymore as Medic because that ain’t what you do as Medic. How to most effectively use your jetpack during combat as an Assault is a completely different story from how to most effectively use your jetpack during combat as Medic (i.e., closing distances vs. dodging onslaughts… it might not sound it, but at high levels I believe that it is very different jetpack usage).

I do see your point to a degree – I think it will be rare for someone to be an exceptional player in one class and a lousy player in another class. But I also think the classes here are just as disparate and complex as the classes in TF2 (where I also play all classes, nearly equally, except Pyro which kinda bores me). My opinion at least.


Game modes and maps are free.


Honestly, the only problem was that they released all the offers at once. If they let people buy the game without all the complications from the start, and then released DLC piece by piece, it would be doing a lot better. I mean, $5 here and $10 there is a whole lot less offensive to my wallet than a huge $135.


No, but some people enjoy the function of a certain role, and will play that role much more often than others.


Would still be individually expensive. I think the mistake a lot of people are making is that the ‘deal-clincher’ is free maps and game-modes. There are not ‘free’ maps and game-modes: someone has to make them and someone has to pay them. The cash for that ultimately comes from the sales of the paid content, so it is factored into the pricing.

The ‘free’ content needs a budget now and an announcement for what the quantity is likely to be and estimates for updates. Would probably also help if people who wanted Monster Edition and PCMR Edition were not being hung out to dry just because they pre-ordered from somewhere else and can’t get a refund so they can buy the edition they want.

EDIT: Also, re-naming that goddamn cynical ‘hunting season pass’ probably wouldn’t hurt.


I would have called it the “Teir 4 Hunter Bundle”, but that’s just me.

Additionally, I think TRS’s intent was to keep people informed. I notice that the people here (Devs) are much more willing to communicate than in almost any other place I am familiar with. They seem like they are just trying to keep us in the loop with what is being developed so that we can share their anticipation for what they are working on.

I don’t really have a problem with how they are handling things, and I only about half understand those who do.


Part of the problem is Evolve is coming into a gaming market that now has a mistrust for AAA games. Between Assasin Creed and Master Chief coming out broken, and Destiny and Watchdogs being let downs people have a wait and see approach to games now like they didn’t before.

Another part is, yes the pricing of the characters. Now while I understand that they probably need to be priced that way they do, that kind of doesn’t matter, as this is all about perception. The general game public doesn’t know, and to some extent care, how much goes into making a monster or hunter. All they see is that 1 monster cost a 1/4 of what the whole game cost.

This is compounded by it being a pre-order. Had Behemoth been part of a first run or buy by this date limited edition, I feel some of this would have been mitigated. As is stand now people feel like they are being punished for waiting to see if Evolve doesn’t come out broken, and you can’t really blame people in the wake of what has happened with big games the last few months.


It’s like you’re in my head man. Totally agree with all those points. I definitely think that evolve is releasing at a time where the general gaming populace doesn’t trust AAA developers due to the debacles of last year with a lot of the negativity coming from a negative perception that has developed as people become jaded with current business practices. I posted the points below in an old DLC/Backlash thread and figure it would be relavent here.

1.) People want content for a fair price, the problem is that nobody can agree on what a fair price for that content is. For-instance, a person that has been keeping track of the game, understand maps + modes are free, and how much one monster can change a match will probably think that $15 is steep but understandable. Especially if we think that they are siphoning off the cost of maps and modes for that. However, a person that only vaguely knows about the game and is trying to compare it to CoD (with a single player campaign, lots of multiplayer maps, etc.) might think differently. It also doesn’t help that as a consumer I want most things to be as close to free as possible, so there’s always that.

2.) Most people probably don’t know how the timeline for a game works. This means that when DLC is announced, people might think that it’s already done. I believe this is especially true when it’s 1 monster or a set of hunters for a AAA game because quantity of add on content for the price feels so small when evolve is compared to other games. So people may believe the content is easy to make and can be done super fast, leading them to think that the DLC was done during development. It also doesn’t take into account that TRS is a relatively small studio compared to Blizzard or other bigger AAA devs. I think what people don’t realize is that developers can use DLC to keep people paid when the brunt of their work on the game is already complete and this can take up the time of developers when something is going through certification. I feel like this just helps developers stay employed and is generally good practice. However, people have become sensitive to the perception of dlc being “done” on the disc. The perception of this is probably magnified by point #1 leading people to get a little salty.

3.) People are probably still sensitive with the “Pay to Win” ethos of many heavily publicized free to play games. Even though it has been denoted that these are optional and the core of the game is strong, it still doesn’t change a person’s view that a publisher/developer may be developing them stronger than normal so people who play can get an advantage before a balance patch comes.

4.) Transparency can a double edged sword and I think that the amount of people that were unimpressed by the alphas have not been quiet in the comment sections. Even though it’s small, it does lower the perceived value of a game and when the hype is strong then I think people are more willing to accept a higher price. Game design is iterative so we’ve already seen changes take place from the alpha. Also, they have stressed that any tutorials to help people learn the game weren’t ready yet so it was easier for people to have a sub optimal experience and perceive a multiplayer focused game as being shallow. Granted I do realize some people really liked the alpha and are on here as a result, so that’s awesome smiley I’m just saying that those people who lower the perceived value of the product weren’t helping things much and word of mouth is becoming increasingly relevant.

5.) AAA Game developement costs are rising and the content people expect is staying the same. I was watching Maniacsquirell on twitch and I believe he said that the Kraken was comprised of thousands of polygons. If we compare that to what it was before, it seems to me that the cost to effectively model a single character has gotten significantly higher than before. The problem is that people are still asking for the same amount of content, so it feels like the perception is that Evolve should have a lower price point. The addition of DLC doesn’t help the veiwpoint that the base game is overpriced and what happened with Titanfall doesn’t help the equation.

6.) Frankly, this came at a bad time and it might be the main motivator. Cynicism with game developers, especially AAA developers is at an all time high after the snafus of the past holiday season. In my opinion, you can look at any of the points above and give a developer benefit of the doubt if you’re feeling optimistic. However, it seems like some vocal people aren’t really willing to give TRS much of a chance before making some judgments.

Personally, I think this is a great game and am getting the PC Monster Race edition on GMG wink I think it’s just going to take a little while for people to see the game’s value. I also think that it’s totally cool for people to have a negative opinion of the DLC and can sympathize with them, I just wish it didn’t seem like people opposed it with such vitriol.

If you got to the end of this, thanks for reading! It’s rather long and I don’t expect everyone to agree on all points but I appreciate you taking the time to read my wall of text. I might have more . . . but that’s all I got after thinking for a little bit.


Personally, I think the biggest two contributions to the current level of distrust are Titanfall and Destiny. Both games rightly or wrongly are perceived as having had poor levels of content for their price. Especially with Destiny having been so recent, this contributes to a general distrust of all new games in general.

My own opinion.


Yeah, I can see that. I find it odd that both games had alphas and betas but it still happened. I’m not as sure about Titanfall but I definitely agree that Destiny was a big factor. Personally, I feel like it wasn’t the fault of one game but that a bunch of hyped AAA titles that failed to impress (either through game play or with bugs) all at the same time.

I also don’t think it helped that almost every game that was hyped up as next gen, seemingly failed to impress the general gaming populace for all of last year. Remember Watchdogs? Basically, it caused people to keep putting all their hopes on the next one and then the triple attack of Destiny, Halo: MCC, and AC: Unity happened. Furthermore, I think there were a lot games that people could say they liked but not one thrilled the gaming populace in general. It just feels to me that people got tired of it over the course of the year and are now angry :persevere:

Totally and thanks for sharing! It’s important to have an opinion, we just have to make sure we respect other peoples opinions, right? Thanks for taking the time to read mine :smiley:


It will likely be like “mains” in TF2.

People will setting down to one or three hunters they like most and play them more than others.


7.50 is about what LoL charges for older characters if you ask me 7.50 a pop is a good deal.