The reason Sunny is the only support seen in 90% of PvP matches


She turns every hunt into easy-mode for the hunters. Since the T4 hunter release, I’ve seen countless Sunny. One match it was Cabot, and it was actually a fair match again. Monster is no longer a fun option to play. Once you are spotted in hunt, you lost. She can boost a trapper up or anyone to harass you to prevent the monster from recovering as monster is prohibited from eating if he takes any damage. Pounce damage is so low that the lone hunter that got boosted up isn’t even downed by the time the rest of the team arrives. That’s assuming the boosted hunter is dumb enough to be that close to the monster and on foot.

Sunny doesn’t really have any weaknesses, and the drone is absurd. “just kill it” you say. Well that takes a valuable skill usage (it has way yo much health for its own good) and the second it goes down, a new one is already been thrown. The drone soaking damage and skills for the hunter team is a very VERY strong mechanic.

Sunny completely trivializes hank. The Drone is a mini-super hank that always targets correctly, has a lot of bettery, a lot of health, virtually no cooldown, and wins fights on its own. You really dont need hanks range on shield. Drone is infinitely better than a hank.

Basically it’s this: with sunny around, hunters don’t even need to try hard to win. Let alone in the different evac modes. Sunny in Defense wins games. There isn’t even a need or want of a ninja bucket for Eggs. She makes the group basically invulnerable such that they can just rush along, and if the monster and a minion appears… so much the faster to just kill the monster and win! Caira + Sunny = monster can’t play and early or mid game.

Sunny trivializes the hunter game, and makes monsters a miserable experience as you can’t escape hunters, and you definitely can’t engage the hunters. Monster already can get wildlife buffs if he’s getting hurt. He cant hatch an egg if hes getting hurt. he cant focus a Hunt generator if hes getting hurt… the monster isn’t allowed to PTFO. Wtf is up with that? And now sunny makes combat just as undesirable.

Jet Pack Boost - Outside of combat

Shes picked 24/7 because jetpack without jetpack recharge is garbage and some hunters absolutely need perks like swap speed cooldown reduction capacity and damage perk to do their best also shield drone is not better then hank
Landing a orbital barrage on a monster while its trying to destory the relay or evolve is absoutely crippling to the monster swings the fight to the hunters favor as hard as parnell or hyde with 35%+ damage elite buff


Or you know…cuz she’s a DLC character so people are interested in using a new support…


jetpacks are the most frustrating thing to deal with… along comes a Support that helps with that a lot.


If that were true, id see just as many Slim, Crow, and the assault. I rarely see slim and crow. But the assault is frequest, and Sunny is just about Always there. Its not just the novelty of a new character.


I think it might help if you shifted your argument from “everyone plays her therefore she is OP” and instead focus on some of the actual good points you make in your main post.

The title of this thread is a flawed argument, you can’t nerf something just because more people play it, but you seem to have a good idea of why you think she is OP. I would just focus on that.


Well, no. We say “just break line of sight, since it takes almost ten seconds to set up, so it can’t be moved in combat”.

No, she doesn’t.

No, it isn’t.

It never shields the first hit and spasms wildly about when multiple Hunters are taking damage.

It has the same battery that Hank’s shield projector does.

Drone is objectively worse than Hank. The trade-off is that Sunny can shield herself as a result, and still offer her jetpack boost while it’s active.

The jetpack boost might be overpowered, but the drone is fine.

The game is balanced around Hunt. Nest, Defend, and Rescue are not balanced and never have been, and no one particularly cares.


Yeah…I have no idea why you see the drone as superior to Hank, @Jadeviper1


My reasoning behinf the drone:

So it has the same battery as hank. Therefore it gives the group just as much survivability, correct?. The difference is that Sunny is on cooldown while it shields and can do other stuff, like jetboost or DPS. Hank is forced to do nothing but shield for the same shielding capacity. Therefore the drone is superior to hank’s shield gun, as the range on hank doesn’t give him much of an advantage. usually being far from the group is a bad thing for hunters. Hanks bombardment is easily avoidable by monsters, and has an incredibly long recharge time. I’d argue that mininukes and jetboost are > Hank laser and bombardment.

Plus the fact the the shield droane is automated and eliminates human error for shielding as Hank cannot be ‘perfect’ with his shield targeting. Somethings hunters jsut get int he way of his target. drone ignores this disadvantage.


Apart from this the drone is just generally not as intelligent as a human player. It won’t cut it.


I see the new characters constantly - all of them, including Slim & Crow, easily as often as I see Sunny. Nobody picks Bucket, very few pick Lazarus, but I’ve seen mostly T4 and everyone else mixed in including Hank & Cabot.

That’s insane and kinda makes it seem like you’re trolling. Shield Drone is very easy to counter - you can break LOS, you can force them outside of its range, or you burst damage someone to open, then they get shielded after, or you can melee someone so they get shielded before bursting someone else. The only Monsters that can’t counter Sunny’s Shield Drone - very much a mini-Hank and not at all a super-Hank - are the AI and players who are bad at developing counterplay. Hank’s Shield Projector is far superior to the drone - he can shield pre-emptively, shield only the person being focused only while they’re actually being damaged, and he never has to waste shield charge on someone who isn’t being damaged, and he can also just move at will extending its range in any direction.

The main reason people pick Sunny over Cabot or Hank - besides the fact that she’s a new character and everyone else has been used for 2 months or more - is that she has a highly useful and much requested Jetpack Booster and she does strong damage with an easy to aim AoE weapon. Shield Drone is a great tool for a Support to have, but it’s not the same as having Hank, and there’s no argument to be made that it’s superior - it’s outclassed by Shield Projector in almost every way, which is why it’s a tertiary ability and not a secondary one.


God… no, really… no, the drone is dumb, the only good point of this crap is that he can protect sunny, Hank can’t protect himself.


Yep, that’s pretty much it.


I dont think the drone is bettet than hank, but it could use some tweaking, it just doesn’t have a long enough cooldown for it durability level. In perspective you have markovs mines that were too good because they had a ton of health and had a 5 secod cooldown, maggies traps take 6 seconds along with the mines while sunny has a drone that is multiple times more durable with a 8 second charge time and it doesnt have to wait the full 8 to start shielding considering that it can shield at 20 percent. Bucket used to be able to spam his head but they Added a cooldown, so I think sunny just needs a slight cooldown, like Bucket’s head to end the spamming because wasting an ability to take it out is pretty lame especially when it will be up again before you skillshot can recharge.


They day i start seeing sunny’s not deploy the drone is the day I’ll take your 2 words for it. As most decent monsters focus their fire one 1 guy, the drone doesnt spaz out.


I just think that sunny does her job: jetboosting, while simultaneously being an okay hank. The only skill support should share is invis. that sunny does her job and the core of hank’s makes her too strong. That’s why I have a beef with a drone. It itself soaks damage. It also steals Hank’s thunder by doing a bit of his job. I think everyone would take a sunny with a built in 1/2 hank than Just hank himself


No. your wrong in just about every single way.


Why would Sunny not deploy the drone? This is not a logical argument. I’m also not the person who said the drone spazzes out - but it does when multiple Hunters are being AOE’d, it has no idea who to shield.


She should. the point is Sunny is 100% sunny and 20% hank. The best part of hank. No its not as good as hank straight up, but combined with the fact that her hankiness is automated and elts her boost and dps makes the autonomy of the drone unfair.

And good hunters dont take AoE much. The hunter underattack jousts in towards the drone and is fine. Plus Sunny’s drone, she doesnt need to take the battery perk like hank does. she can just go crazy with toher perks.


Recharge/reload perk helps for Sunny too. I take it pretty often with her. But even if 1 perk was unnecessary it’s not exactly “going crazy” picking 1 of any of the other perks.

Most every team is gonna take AOE that damages more than one Hunter at some point. The drone doesn’t know to shield the Medic instead of Assault, or when and who to switch to. Automated in Evolve means it’s predictable and easy to counter. The main advantage it has is that it can shield Sunny herself.

Sunny’s a versatile Support, we’ll see her a lot, but competitive teams and just regular players will still opt for Hank or Cabot too, especially when the novelty of new characters wears off and they’re just focused on comps & preference. Some few people even use Bucket, and he’ll probably get some buffs to make him viable too eventually.