The reason I hadn't been on evolve lately

I was just to lazy to swap disc on my xbox one so that is the reason why. I am super go go on other things except for disc swapping sometimes xD. Am I the only one that does this? Also another reason is because I’m waiting for evolves behemoth challenge.

I thought this was an off topic thing? anyways thanks @Sentry_Gun

Anything that’s related to Evolve belongs in the General category(as far as I know) I don’t what discussion will come out of this(maybe about the Behemoth challenge)Nevertheless, I’ll change it again if it goes off-topic :smile:

I’m ready for the BOB challenge when it comes.

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Yeesh, I wonder what the behemoth challenge is going to be. “If everyone between them manages to reach stage 3 with Behemoth 10 times over the weekend everyone will get Golden Bob!”

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Yeah, Behemoth is my favorite monster, imagine if they offer his Gold skin!


By the way I didn’t contribute to any of goliaths challenges nor krakens or wraiths but I will go full throttle on Bob for his challenge.

man these typos xD


Have you ever been too lazy to insert a game disc before O_0

yes all the time! I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this.

That’s one reason why I like to download the game rather than have a disc :slight_smile:

But hackers can never steal physical disc though.

they could if they broke into your house

Not through hacking though besides we can just get our guns out if someone tries to break in and steal our stuff :smiley:

they could break into your house through hacking if you use something like this

My doors aren’t powered though, boy we live in a house that looks like a trailer. What can they even hack into if our doors arn’t even electronic, all we have for security is the old fashion lock and dead bolts.

We’ll since you posted that here, now they know. They’ll be ready.

sorry but where DERAILING!

Perhaps they can hack your door with an axe.

I saw what you did there :stuck_out_tongue: