The Reason Behind the Anger of Evolve


A serious explanation of the Other Sides’ argument; and not bashing.

When there’s over $130 or so of DLC on day one; and a full Spreadsheet to explain all of the purchase options…the game has failed in many consumer’s eyes. I know, I read the presser about wanting to provide “options.” But that’s not really the truth here, is it. In fact, the CEO of 2K admitted that the goal was to get $125 per consumer or close to it. Ubisoft did this same practice: we all remember Watchdogs and it didn’t work then; so it wouldn’t work now. You see, many consumers always separate image from facts when buying, period. So, what does the image portray when you have so much DLC on day one? What does the image portray when you have purchase spreadsheet? It portrays Cash Grab.

I know the facts that no one has to buy any of the DLC in order to play; I get that. … and it’s really nice of TRS to give future maps for free; that’s very generous. But, that’s not what’s portrayed here. It just looks bad and, well, greedy. 2K has really screwed up your launch beyond the highest level of screwtivity. They have branded TRS with the Scarlet Letter. Furthermore, the statement from one of the devs who said: “this game is built from the ground up around DLC,” made it worse. Then to follow, another dev said that it was not.

who are we to believe?

Now I normally don’t support games that have so much day 1 DLC on top of the base game price–it makes consumers look like cows waiting to be milked. I think all Gamers should stand up against this practice. However, I was on the fence in buying this title until I saw the combinations. And yes, I know that none of DLC has been made and if it were, TRS would have “put it in the box.” but here’s the problem with that statement: so, if all was on hand, if all of the DLC was made, TRS would have included it in the base game? but instead, since none of the DLC hasn’t been made, you’re going to sell it? do you see the problem with that?


“if I had all the parts to your car that you are going to buy from me, I would have just gave them to you…but, since I don’t, I’m gonna sell them to you. piece by piece.”

this is why there’s anger. please, don’t result to censorship; I just wanted to provide the Other Side’s POV. … that’s all.


As far as i know the only day one DLC there is are cosmetic skins that do nothing but make you look Fabulous and their only 2.99. for Monsters and 1.99 for hunters.


I just want to say; if you keep your posts reasonable and your criticism calm, you won’t get censored here. You might have a LOT of disagreement but if your posts are getting flagged it’s because others in the community felt your post was inappropriate in some way.

TRS does not censor negative views of their games. And neither do the mods or leaders. The only action is taken against those who are spamming or not acting in constructive, calm manners.


To use your car analogy

TRS sold you a car. They advertised the 2015 Evolve sedan with all the basic features that make a car run and function normally. Engine, transmission, wheels, doors, windows, air conditioning.

The Season Pass is like upgrading the interior electronics with an XM radio. You get content for a set period of time!

The Behemoth and Savage goliath skin bonuses for preorder are like they gave you some trunk and floor mats and a voucher for some work to be done on the car at a later date.

The DLC skins? Well, those are the aftermarket mods. Body kits, spoilers, underbody lighting and such.

They don’t affect the functionality of the car, but you can pay extra to look flashy.


False analogy hour on the forums.


Let me rephrase it in to something that should hopefully make sense…

If all was on hand, i.e. the team were able to make the DLC within the budget (which covers the salaries and costs of making the game), TRS would have included it in the base game. Instead it wasn’t possible to create the DLC within the budget of the base game, and as such it is part of a different budget and as such needs to be sold to recoup the money spent on that budget. Do you see that this is just how business and economics works?


Yeah you lost me at day one dlc only enthusiasts buy skins I like the game, but I see no reason to buy every single skin which would make that price accurate. Yeah I thought it was weird when they said the game would be able to easily accommodate dlc. I just take it as easy to add different types of hunters, monsters, abilities and monsters. Especially going by the early build of the game where they had a parasite like creature.


I still don’t know why people complain so much about day one cosmetic DLC.


Some points of question here: Where on earth did you hear that comment from 2K? If you don’t have a source for it, I wouldn’t trust it. People have been making up some really insane stuff, and that comment seems a little outlandish.

Also, it isn’t 135$ of DLC on day 1. The game plus as much planned DLC in the foreseeable future that effects gameplay costs 135$ total with no discounts. The DLC component of this costs a total of 75$ if no discounts were used. Preorder knocks off 15$, season pass knocks off another 5$, so by late this year, the extra content ends up being more like 50$. Heck, with the PC monster race edition it goes down to $40. The options are confusing and tangled, but exist to make things cheaper for you should you want to buy it.

Clarity has been a problem in the marketing on the DLC. Unlike most companies that will blindside you multiple times in a year with 15$ content packages, Evolve tells you their long term plans upfront. It confuses people a lot! Plus, with the compatibility policies, people don’t fully understand what will be available.

Granted, the skins were day 1, and a surprise to me too. Fortunately, these don’t do anything to gameplay. As far as gameplay affecting content, we know there is a plan to continue support with 6 hunters and 2 monsters over the course of the year.


Most expensive thing in the in-game store is a $25 Hunting Season Pass.
With all skin packs and Hunting Season Pass put together there is about $85 worth of items you can buy right now. This does not include the single skins.


I am not complaining about SKINS, please, understand that. I am saying, again, that the anger is related to the whole DLC mess and spreadsheets.

and yes, based on the devs own statements, my analogy works fine. I joined because I wanted to voice the Other Side’s resentment/ anger/ whatever. that’s all. another POV. a POV that I thought I could voice respectfully. and I think I did that. A POV isn’t wrong just because it doesn’t conform with yours; you see?


Oh I love this analogy. Perfection.

People complain, because they want to. Because they want everything for free. Because lots of people don’t want to spend extra money for extra stuff.

People don’t care that the company who has built a game ground up over 4 years with plans to ensure it has continuity to host servers and pay for expensive hardware, whilst being aply to pay those employed in the company to further develop the game.

In saying that, most people like that fall under the gaming community. Particularly PC gamers. I don’t know why, I could get stereotypical here and say things but it’s preposterous. Any excuse to complain they take.

I’m from Australia and the actual cost to buy the most expensive edition off steam is about $175 AUD right now. This is pretty dear, but that is a separate issue and because the aussie gaming market gets milked.

Either way, DLC does not affect the core game, which is exactly what @elrabincougar pointed out so clearly.


The statement was that this game is built to easily add dlc, not to make tons of dlc. The only day 1 dlc is skins. The way I see Robb’s comment on putting it in the box is that while they were still working under the publishers money that they would’ve put the content in if they had the time, but the due date had arrived before that. Now, from what I understand, correct me if I’m wrong someone, but i m pretty sure I saw Phil say the dlc costs is coming out of TRS studios, they no longer receive money from 2k as they only funded the base game. The dlc on this game is perfectly reasonable. If I spend $120 on this game within one year that’s still cheaper than someone buying two cods and their map packs which run at $15 each or $50 for all four. So in 1 year they spend $220 and map packs don’t enhance gameplay the way a new monster or hunters do, plus maps are free. You also can play against or with people who buy the dlc which means your base purchase is enhanced for free.


whatever, nevermind. many are saying that I’m complaining. I tried to provide the opposite argument. again, nevermind…


a POV/Opinion is fine. But if we get nitty gritty, you’re being very bias and don’t have all the facts presented to you to form a constructive opinion.

All of the negativity is just complaints and hate towards the IDEA of DLC, not evolve. Evolve has taken on the same structure, for completely appropriate reasons.

They need to make money. They need to pay for hardware and salaries continuously. They need to further develop the game. How can they do that if the structure doesn’t cater for a continuous stream of cash?

In addition, there are people like myself who enjoy buying skins and additional content. They’re catering to people like myself. Which there are more of than the other side realises.

What I hate is that the other side blames those who support DLC and want us to stop purchasing and supporting. I have nothing positive to say to that.


I said on ign I’d love to see all the dlc ragers when buying a house or car and used the same speech the other night and received responses like “worst analogy ever!” “How’s buying a house or car relate to games?”


I’m not saying you’re complaining, i’m referring to the other side. I understand your view, I do and respect your opinion on the matter. But TRS shouldn’t be attacked so heavily because the community wants to play their game but not support DLC. If they don’t want to support it they don’t have to, doesn’t mean others won’t.

There’s nothing but people complaining and hating about this entire matter.



It’s called an analogy people! It’s the same principal, entirely.


My question is how will the new unlocks effect the people who decide not to buy the DLC.

I love the fact they didn’t do maps so we can all play together without problems, but will the new unlocks(DLC) force people into buying DLC to compete, or just force them out the game because they refuse to spend more money.

I’m not saying its a bad choice I am just hoping they keep the balance with both sides.


I just explained it above. You can play alongside anyone who buys the dlc hunters and against people who buy the dlc monsters. It costs you $0 and your game just got even better.


Consider how balanced the game is and the effort put into each character, i highly doubt they will release DLC with the intention to break that balance.