The Real SLIM Shady

First off, I gotta say, I totally called this! As soon as I heard about the mutagen wars I thought “I bet we’re going to see a mutant hunter,” and sure enough! But onto the discussion.

So, a medic that relies on the Heal Burst. Sounds like risky business. Sure he’s got his little healer drone, but the post said “As soon as the Hunter getting healed is attacked, the drone returns to Slim.” That means no combat healing with the drone! Will his ubercharged Heal Burst be enough? We’ll see…

Speaking of the Heal Burst: “The Leech gun is how Slim replenishes the Medic Heal Burst ability.” Are they saying Slim’s HB doesn’t recharge over time like all the other medics? Interesting…keep that Leech Gun handy, Slim!

The Leech Gun “saps strength from the Monster,” but what does that mean? Does it slow him, does it do damage, or does it literally take away from the Monster’s evolve meter (probably not)?! I’m guessing minor damage with a beam similar to the Damage Amp, but that’s just me. Works on wildlife too, so that’s a plus!

And finally, I wanted to point this out:

We can see Slim standing in front of Torvald and slightly to the left, but look closely at his back… Wings! This mother-Hubber can fly!! Functionally similar to the jet pack, yes. Aesthetically, very different and VERY cool! As a primarily Medic player, I can’t wait to try out Slim and really “bug” the Monster.

EDIT: I totally spaced on the scent masking!! This pseudo-stealth could be great for sneaking up on the Monster, but that all depends on its duration and effective range. Remember, he can still see you! It provides the team with a secondary cloaking ability, which could be big in competitive play.

TL;DR - Slim is a big bug.


I’m guessing Leach Power just means it does damage and restores the heal burst. I really hope he has insect wings though, that would be awesome.

I bet he drinks redbull.


I don’t get it…

“Redbull gives you wings.”

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I feel like the wings are a continuation on typical medic style, the other 3 just have less… organic wings.

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From what I read, his leech gun makes his healing burst recharge faster and I bet it does some damage to the monster.

Healing drone will be hard for combat healing, more like sending it to a wounded teammate when the monster goes for somebody else (likely you, as the medic :stuck_out_tongue:)

The scent marking…oh my I totally flipped. The offensive capabillities seem so awesome. Scent marking on you and assault, cloak on trapper and support…SURPRISE MOTHERFU…DGER!

I’m excited for all but Sunny…cus I like my manly man beard that is Hank :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the healing drones are pretty useful. They say " buzzes around the battlefield, targeting teammates and helping them regenerate health" if the Hunters are in the move and avoid the monster for a few moments while being healed is just great.

I gotta say, I might move medic up a preference slot for slim
The actual wings kick ass.
I think the leech gun steals monster health or armor and converts it to heal burst charge.

Don’t be silly :wink: You can still use it in combat on people, who are not taking damage…and they actually might have to pay attention not to eat damage when the drone is on them. I love it. Takes skill from Slim Shady as well as from the hunter being healed via drone. See, this is exactly what I love about this game.

Hijacking your thread for a minute. Did you play episode 2 of Telltale TFTBL yet?

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Uh…no? But I plan on getting it soon so no spoilers…do I know you?

I think he asked because of your avatar.


And sooner the better. Shit is right.

Well I am a huge BL fan in general, and Jack is my all-time favorite villain in video games :wink:

Same here! Gaige is mah gurl!

THREAD IS DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO BEING OFF-TOPIC!! Please stay behind the yellow line and return to Slim discussion.


Best villian in anything ever.

“Oh where the hell is… Ah, I had a violin somewhere. I was gonna play it all sarcastically-- goddamnit it was gonna be awesome. BLAKE! Where’s a bloody violin?”

He wil be pretty good, like Laz but with more utility.
Also, worst case scenario, if you do not manage to land a single shot with your leach gun, you are still doing more healing than Val, am I right? :smirk:

Anti-smell, + corners. Whahahaha!

not rly he comes out when val’s buffed ;D