The Real Reason People Hate Rescue


Nest and Rescue are both sort of geared toward favor of one side or the other, Nest feels like it’s easier on the Hunters (particularly with Bucket) while Rescue always feels like a pain for the Hunters.

Why is this?
Because of the stupid Survivor AI.

They run toward the Monster.
They enter the dome.
They do the exact opposite of what any real life Survivor would do.

Maybe if this behavior were changed, people wouldn’t hate Rescue so much.


Or if you could heal with Lazarus instead of the fucktard trapjaw running up and bringing them up with a strike…

Or if wraith wasn’t a 99% guaranteed win in Rescue.


I don’t like rescue because it’s boring. Other than that, there is no real reason. ^.-


This is painfully true. :sob:


I find nest boring but an easy win for monsters… the hunters always split up and a armored stage 1 anything with a minion is better two or three hunters.


What I wish I could do to Daisy when she tried to rez while I’m playing Laz… BAD TRAPJAW!


There needs to be a way to get Daisy away from downed people…