The REAL problem with playing monster and the solution


So I am not here to complain about strong hunters or weak monsters.
(I think both arguments are poppy cock)

I am here because I am tired of not having anyone to talk when I’m playing whether it’s in group of friends and having to be in party chat to talk or being in match making and coming across a few hunters with mics. it gets very boring not being able to talk with anyone and this encourages players such as myself to go into parties with friends that are either playing other games. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I am not guaranteed to get the monster. This means at least about half the team I’ll be switching between monsters and hunters unless I am going up against a full premade team.
So if I am put into a pug team with mics I’m sorry but I am just not going to take the time to go back and forth between party and game chat, I’m not plain and simple. So this creates a base of players who will almost always be in party chat.(not that this isn’t the case most of the time these days anyway)

The solution is creating a public speak option You can toggle on and off in game both for the hunters and the monster. This really won’t change much in regards to the public games because half the time only half the team is using their mics anyway so no actual team coordination is going on. Which means if they are talking with the monster they won’t be 1 giving away anything information wise (unless they are just trolling) and they won’t be subtracting from the team because there was no coordination in the first place.

I feel adding this feature in would help prevent the monster from feeling so isolated and put a little bit back into the player base as far as getting people talking even if it’s only a small percentage of people.

Edit: Here not “hear” my ears are fine :slight_smile:


I agree, I think it’d be much more fun to be able to occasionally talk to the hunters when monster… goad them or frustratedly congratulate them.


It would also help when someone wants to restart, by communicating the reason for the vote. As it stands now monster doesn’t know when someone got eaten by a tyrant vs falling through the map. So no way to tell if restart vote is troll or not.


Indeed I had a team try and restart, I didn’t accept it. Turns out 2 of the 4 couldn’t see me until I reached s3 they were relying on abes tracking darts lol.


It could be vote option to make it fair and not a pain. So just like a round restart both teams would have to agree to talk to each other.


I feel like a public-speak channel would be fun. Its not a vote-thing, just a join-it thing. Have an icon to show that you’re in the public chat channel. I generally dislike joining parties of people I don’t know, but a common area where people come & go wouldn’t be too bad.