The real problem with Lazarus


So, I always see people complaining on here about Lazarus. “He’s so bad”, “why would you ever play him?”, “Lazarus? Alright gg”. Has it ever occurred to you people complaining about Laz that he’s not the problem? You just don’t understand how to play with a Lazarus.

For example, in the game I just played, I picked Laz (because I haven’t played him in a while). I was doing fine, rezzing my teammates as necessary, staying thoroughly away from the monster. The monster was focusing me, because he knew what he was doing, but I consistently stayed away from him with my cloak and just normal juking. My team, however, had clearly never played with or as Lazarus before. The Hank was constantly shielding me while cloaked, just so the monster could get a heads up on where I was. The Maggie decided she should stay close to me, because it’s always a good idea to give the monster a nice juicy 2-person target, right? She also continually tried to revive people by hand, so that even if I was cloaked rezzing someone the monster would see her and attack us anyways. The Markov might have been the only person who knew how to play with a Lazarus, because he was always very far from me, but at the same time he probably should’ve closed the gap whenever the monster was wailing on me to do a little damage, which he rarely did.

I’m not saying everyone is this bad when it comes to having a Lazarus on your team, normally it’s only one person that doesn’t understand what’s going on, but maybe all you people on here just don’t know how to play with a Lazarus. He’s certainly not better than Caira, Caira is the shit, but he’s absolutely not an “instant loss”, he’s actually quite good if you’re not a complete idiot, because constantly having no strikes is never a bad thing.


How much the Monster knows to counter Laz has far more to do with it than the skill of the Laz player, since he is incredibly predictable and easy to kill.


I find Lazarus easy as I never lose him when he’s cloaked shield is not.


I’d rather fight laz as the monster than any other medic. So easy to pick off.


Jeez I can’t wait till he get one tiny buff to his heal burst or something and everyone’s gonna be like omg he’s so damn OP


I think he might need a slight buff to his heal-burst but it already charges faster then val’s and caira’s burst (not slims of cource unless he NEVER uses the leech-gun but you have to be VERY stupid to do that…).


Honestly, if his cloak was a lil’ bit better (shorter cooldown/longer duration/hides footprints/jetpack/doesn’t cause visibility while attacking or using the Revivifier as some ideas that could be tested; not all at once mind you. That’d be stupid.), he’d be in a pretty good spot for what he does. There’s only so much you can do with a Hunter that can bring people back from the dead without tipping him too far one way or another. Especially if you throw Sunny into the mix; she’s arguably the best Support to pair him up with and if his Revivifier became too reliable, any comp with those two, along with a team that are already solid at dodging, would cause some real grief for Monsters.


It’s true that the cloak can be improved…but hiding footprints/jet-pack flames seem unfair…i do agree with the shorter cool-down/longer duration though.

And can you explain how Lazarus and Sunny are a really good combo?


You can jetboost laz out of danger after the rez, which is when a lot of monsters like to attack him. Also, the shield and booster add to the teams survivability as well, which is useful for keeping the trapper alive in those early domes


sees everyone saying he is easy to jump on or counter while I am here vanishing with the wind as Laz and making plays

Preach it OP


Yeah, most players will be assholes and try to revive even if you are about to.

Lazarus is still viable in pubs and he have been since the start.
The problem with Laz is that he is very easy to counter. But 70-80% monster players don’t even realize it, so what happen is that Lazarus get an artificial high winrate, which then lead to him not being prioritized when it comes to fixing him.

If the monster is good, Lazarus is instantly countered by just thinking alone.
Not a skill build, just basic thinking.
(Not that I call people stupid, they are just not very tactical.)


Laz is so easy to counter it’s why he needs a slight buff his win rate might be 50% but go into the pubs with smart monsters and hes basically a potato unless you don’t know what your doing Laz is garbage


In the beginning, Lazarus was OP, people figured him out and now he’s UP.

Lazarus is based entirely around player skill and your teams capability of coordination and knowledge of evolve to succeed in using him effectively for the benefit of the team.

I main Lazarus as my medic for one reason and ONE reason alone… End game, stage 3 monster, no other medic can stand up to the damage that is being dished out. Caira, Val and Slim cannot keep the team alive towards the end of the hunt… Which is why Lazarus was made. Their healing abilities postpone the innevitable, not solve it. Lazarus can bring players back from death without penalty.

A smart monster will blindly target Lazarus like a simple minded, one train of thought brain dead beast… Use this to your advantage, have your trapper set up an area so Laz can escape, speak with your assault to either poison an area or lay mines for you to lure the monster to, ask support to… Well, support you.

Laz is best played with a group of the same combined intelligence, meaning you must all be on the same page for his methods to excel and effectively, work.

Laz with a group of randoms is essentially suicide and you may as well grant the monster a good time along with a good hearty laugh as he passes yourself and the team around like a bag of minstrels on film night.


Sunny’s booster and drone increase the teams survivability and gives him more options to swoop in for the rez and out of danger. It makes body baiting less rewarding for the Monster and if the team is good at punishing, the Monster can end up really overextending just to put a strike on a Hunter.


True…but the monster should be punished for overextending…but i just lava bomb+fissure+wall=delicious snack :smile:


Yeah, Behemoth is super stronk against Laz. You need to surround the Behemoth and not die in a cave to keep the pressure on.


The only problem with Sunny and Laz is that you have no control over who the Shield Drone shields therefore wasting and revealing a cloaked Laz. Easily fixed if you can turn the cloak on or off.


I’d like to point out that I called this threads existence 4 days ago here:

I think we got a bunch of people to play Laz again and realize that he is his own tiny dome. To get a strike you either have to figure out how to eat in combat or stick around a very small area waiting for the Laz to popup soaking a ton of punishment for about a minute.

In a way the down situation is worse than a dome. In a dome I can run around and duck damage while waiting on ability cool down, but with Laz can’t leave sight of the body. In a dome I can punish people for being out of position but with Laz I’m the on out of position. In a dome I can use all my abilities, and yet as a Kraken I can’t pull off lightning strike or aftershock against Laz because he revivifies before the damage can land and disrupt it. All that and he still feels balanced because it’s way easier to get downs without a medic healing, and if I see a medic healing I’m gonna get that medic.


I wish people would credit where credit is due towards Laz.

I don’t feel he is easy to focus as people say because a player is only easy to focus if they allow it to be that easy and same can be said about the team letting it be easy.

Where are the harpoon/stasis?

Where is my piggyback cloak?

Where is my shield/Jetpack boost?

A player being focused in terms of difficulty starts with the trapper. If the trapper is working at his fullest potential and you are still being focused you still have a support.

A medic is not the only way of keeping a team alive because you still have CC and support. More credit to the potential of this medic.


Laz is as easy to focus as anyone when he’s less than 10 meters in front of a monster.

Besides Laz doesn’t need to be focused, he just needs to be chased away from revives, which is what people do. Keep Laz second guessing when he can go in while you kite around and slowly but surely destroy the team and domino them down.