The real problem is not balancing, it's the team composition


I see many people complaining that the monsters are not balanced, others that it is the hunters who do not. But the real problem of the game does not come from there.
The reason why your game is far from being competitive is very simple, as a hunter we do not know what we will face monster ! This may sound simple but face a Kraken with Lennox example is far from efficient.

In a game the monster should be chosen first and hunters should have knowledge to enable them to compound their team based on the monster, because right now we randomly composes a team and we have to make do.
How do you want to be competitive by making parts that are played on a random composition. We should be able to compose our team based fighter monster that one confronts, already make it easier balancing, because if would be easier for developers to see what works and don’t works with the different character of the game, rather than arbitrarily nerf to fix balance issues.
Then you’ll tell me that the monster would have no chance with such a system, often would find the same team compositions according monster etc etc and so you have reason so he would allow the monster player can ban 1 hunter per class or at any 4 hunters banned for the game. This would allow him to avoid compositions team overpowered against him by example.

Since there for me the game is far from competitive (and I’m not talking about eSports), everything is based on randomness. If I understand apparently you have pro players who helped you to balance, so I stop you right away, not having thought of such a system is that your players are not pro because the random in a game it never worked, and in your game in as many game or it has character classes, there always are good and less good against others and the against in Evolve it is felt immediately.


I actually have run into a bunch of people who played Lennox against me as a Kraken and did an admirable job of it. They took Jump and Jetpack Perks to compensate.


Tournament elimination rule set for matchmaking?
Sounds like a pretty decent idea.

  1. While a good problem is team composition it’s also the skyrocket population of new players.

  2. The game had a competitive scene where you could know two Hunters and the Monster for a mostly fair game.

  3. Allowing 100% counter-picking is an outright terrible idea. New monster’s have even less of a chance, old monsters are being screwed on overall it’s too OP. Hunters shouldn’t know nor should Monsters, kind of the point for Hunters to find the ideal composition to fight all monsters. Blind pick can screw over both sides, counter picking just totally screws the Monster.

##TL;DR Team composition is only part of the problem, balance and inexperience is the rest. No way in hell should counter picking be allowed. It’s too OP and unfair to the Monster side.


I main Lennox. If I smell a kraken coming I always take jetpack perks, otherwise I take mostly move speed. I do alright when I know what I’m fighting. I think a decent middle ground would be this:

  1. Both sides blind pick characters.
  2. You are now locked in to your choice, and it shows the other team your picks.
  3. Now everyone selects perks.

It’s not perfect, some characters are always going to be worse against some monsters. This would at least let you choose perks to help compensate though.


I love this idea of perk picking after choices are revealed.




I really like it !