The rating/ranking system makes no sense

So, I am hoping someone can help me out here, because I am lost. I play on Xbox one, and if I go into the Hunt specific leader boards and look at the players at the top, the guy in 1st place has a record of only 8W-6L. My problem is, so does the guy in 4th place. But there is an almost 500 point difference between them. How can this be?

How can 2 players with the same record, and such a low one at that, be almost 500 points different? I get that points vary on the skill used in the matches played, but I don’t see how the same, relatively low number of games (14 in this case) can lead to such a gap. And 2nd place is 6-6. He somehow has less wins than 4th, but more points?

Bring it down the the level I am currently stuck at. I don’t have a dedicated team, for some reason most of my friends don’t like this game. So I play with randoms, and have been stuck at the top of Bronze Destroyer for a while now. But, especially lately, I feel like this is because I am not getting points fairly and losing too many when I do. Case in point, my last game last night before bed was a loss, and cost me 5 points, despite us barely losing (the monster ran until stage 3 and still only had a bar and a half of health when he got us). But my first win today, when we caught the monster at stage two and killed it, with no one dying, only netted me back 1 point. Both times, the monster was Determining Rank (although the one I lost to was an elite status and the one I beat was not) so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but even if it does, that seems unfair to the players who aren’t determining rank anymore.

I realize Bronze Destroyer isn’t terribly high up the totem pole, but how am I supposed to get farther up when I get 1 point for winning but lose 5 (or more) for losing? Am I supposed to try to barely win to get more points, and get crushed when I lose so I lose fewer? And how the hell does someone who is 8-6 get 3300ish points?

TL DR; Need help understanding the ranking system so I can try to play more to what it is looking for.

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They fight different ranked monsters, them being up there really does nothing good for them, so I wouldn’t worry about it, one loss will bring them down to silver elite.